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Eugene Defense Lawyer – False Stalking Allegation

Have you been falsely accused of stalking? Do you believe the police may be investigating you? Has someone threatened you with a stalking accusation? If so, it is time to get in touch with an experienced Eugene, Oregon defense attorney. If you are convicted of stalking, there could be serious lifelong consequences. Do not become a victim of a false stalking charge! Learn what does and does not constitute stalking, and begin to analyze the situation. Where are the holes in the case your accuser is making?

Eugene Personal Defense Lawyer – Stalking

Stalking is the act of following, surveilling, or otherwise keeping track of a person for the purposes of intimidation, harassment, fright, or threat. Depending on the substance of the allegations, this is a place where weaknesses might be found in the prosecution’s case. Intent makes up a large part of the prosecution’s burden of proof in these cases. If it can be shown, for instance, that you were near the same place as a person consistently over a period of days but it could not be shown that you had a relationship to the alleged stalking victim, chances are better of winning an aquital.

Avoiding a Stalking Allegation

There are some behaviors that are more likely than others to prompt stalking accusations. Obviously, following someone is the first that comes to mind. Sending unwanted and unwelcome mail and email is another. Any sort of videotaping should be avoided; video evidence tends to play well to a jury. Gathering information on a person, no matter how benign it might seem, can be the basis for a stalking charge. Of course, any sort of threat to a person, his spouse, children, parents, other relatives, or pets can prompt law enforcement to involve themselves in a situation. Any of these behaviors in combination, no matter how well thought out the explanation, makes for a very convincing body of evidence the prosecution will not hesitate to use.

The Difference Between “Stalking” and “Harassment”

Misdemeanor stalking is often referred to as “harassment.” Harassment is stalking that fails to meet a few thresholds of seriousness and is therefor not prosecuted as a felony. These thresholds include multiple occurrences, previous encounters with law enforcement, violation of previous court orders, and severe emotional distress. If it seems like a felony harassment charge is going to be hard to shake, it might be worth it to pursue a plea deal involving the lesser misdemeanor charge.

Eugene Defense Lawyer – False Stalking Allegation

Do not let a false stalking allegation ruin your life. Especially if you are convicted of a felony, you will have to live with diminished rights for the rest of your life. Stalking trials are notoriously subjective, and a committed prosecutor will not hesitate to spin up a very convincing case. Get an expert on your side. Call Eugene defense lawyers Veralrud and Fowler today. Veralrud and Fowler will give you the best-possible advice about how to move forward. Give them a call today for a free consultation.

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