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How Can a Eugene Defense Lawyer Help with a DUI?

A DUI can be one of the most life-changing events a person might experience. Beyond any effect a DUI conviction might have on your driving privileges and insurance costs, the consequences of having been convicted of DUI can be felt for years to come. Having a DUI conviction on your record may make it difficult or impossible to get some jobs… it might even hinder you from entering into a rental agreement. In the event you are charged with DUI, it could save you tons of money and hassle in the long term by hiring a Eugene defense lawyer experienced in DUI. At Veralrud and Fowler, we have years of combined experience in these sort of cases.

Can a Eugene Criminal Lawyer tell me whether to plead guilty?

One big advantage of hiring a defense attorney who is familiar with DUI and experienced at litigating these kinds of cases is their ability to advise you whether to plead guilty or innocent depending on the facts at hand. Eugene defense attorneys Veralrud and Foster know what your chances look like. They have handled dozens of DUI cases.

Sometimes pleading guilty is the right choice. If your DUI included erratic driving, personal injury or property damage, excessive speed, or other aggravating factors, it may be more difficult to convince a jury of your innocence. A guilty plea offers the opportunity to receive a diminished sentence and saves you money in trial costs and attorney’s fees.

How can a Eugene defense lawyer help me get a better sentence?

A knowledgeable and experienced Eugene DUI lawyer understands the intricacies of DUI law. This experience can help you receive reduced penalties during sentencing. Before you ever enter your plea, your criminal defense attorney will work hard to make sure it’s the right one. Although a guilty plea may result in a reduced penalty during sentencing, it could also put you in a position where you are admitting to a more serious crime. In situations where aggravating factors exist such as reckless driving, car-versus-person collision, or resisting arrest, it might be worth pursuing a trial to establish innocence. Your Eugene criminal attorney will understand when it’s worth it to fight a DUI charge and when it makes the most sense to plea out.

Multiple Offenses

If you have been charged with DUI multiple times, it is imperative you hire an experience Eugene criminal defense lawyer. In the last thirty years, penalties for driving under the influence have become harsher and harsher. Additional incidents only add to the severity of penalties a judge might issue. In the case of an offense beyond the first DUI, financial penalties will be assessed and incarceration becomes more and more probable.

Make the Right Choice

DUI can be complicated to navigate. Now, with cannabis legal in Eugene, defense attorneys have even more complicated DUI cases to litigate. If you have been involved in DUI of any kind, it’s time to hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. Call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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