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DUI Attorneys Eugene – Cannabis

If you are looking for Oregon DUI Attorneys, Eugene is not a bad place to start. Eugene, Oregon criminal defense attorneys Veralrud and Fowler work constantly to stay on top of the ever-changing Oregon recreational cannabis law. With their expert knowledge, you can be sure you are receiving the most competent, effective defense in your DUI/DUII case.

DUI Attorneys Eugene – Cannabis DUI Laws

Developing a legal framework to deal with driving under the influence of cannabis has been a long, circuitous process. Even now, set law is constantly coming under scrutiny and new law is being developed to handle the unique challenges that come with ending cannabis prohibition. Knowing the state of the art when it comes to cannabis can help you avoid a costly DUI.

Cannabis Breathalyzer Test

Currently, there is no breathalyzer test for cannabis in Oregon or anyone else. THC, the intoxicating chemical substance cannabis contains is not water-soluble like alcohol is. Instead, it bonds to fats and lipids. THC does not volatilize like alcohol either; rather it stays deep within the body. This makes it impossible to test for using a breathalyzer-style test similar to the one used to test suspects for DUI.

Cannabis Blood Test

Some other states use a blood draw to test for THC in cannabis DUI suspects. Oregon has elected not to use this test, citing concerns about accuracy that may very well lead to wrongful convictions. Officers instead rely on observations and classic DUI diagnostic tests.

How Can Police Find a Stoned Driver?

The process for identifying possible cannabis DUI suspects is similar to the process for identifying possible alcohol DUI suspect. An officer will pull over any vehicle they suspect might be being driven by an intoxicated driver. Signs of intoxication include swerving, excessive or insufficient speed, and the violation of traffic laws. A driver might also be pulled over due to an outstanding warrant revealed by a license plate check. After the driver is pulled over, officers are trained to look for the signs of possible drug use. These include glossy, blood-shot eyes, bulging veins on the neck, inappropriate laughter, pallor, evidence of recent snack food consumption, and a general giddiness or slowness. If an officer suspects intoxication, they may detain the suspect, impound their car, and bring them down to the station for further evaluations.

Does Cannabis Impair Driving? An Open Question

Cannabis legalization advocates have pointed to studies showing cannabis users perform as well or better than their sober counterparts when negotiating traffic maneuvers and navigating in traffic. This tends to fly in the face of a narrative that says cannabis presents a growing threat to road safety. If a person is forced into a situation where driving after having recently consumed marijuana, do not panic. It is very likely that enough time has passed that you are no longer within the effective threshold for intoxication. If you do still feel effected, just wait until the effects wear off.

DUI Attorneys Eugene – Cannabis Defense

Do not be caught on the wrong side of these new and confusing laws. If you run into a cannabis DUI problem, give Eugene, Oregon defense lawyers Veralrud and Fowler a call today for a free consultation.

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