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Oregon DUII Law Specifics

Every state has different laws to deal with driving under the influence of intoxicants. Depending on where you live, penalties might range from a small fine to jail time. In Oregon, DUII is considered a very serious offense. The unique sentencing guidelines, penalties, and legal specifics of Oregon DUII law make hiring an experience Eugene, Oregon defense lawyer a necessity. Only a defense attorney with years of training and exposure to the DUII legal framework has what it takes to successfully defend you after a DUII charge has been leveled.

Eugene, Oregon DUII Sentencing Guidlines

Like most of the rest of the country, Oregon uses a .08% blood alcohol content limit as their threshold qualifying as “under the influence.” This limit is .04% (half as high) for operators of commercial vehicles and 0.00% (no acceptable amount) for those under 21. Your blood alcohol content is typically assessed using a breathalyzer. It is possible to request other chemical testing such as a blood test in lieu of a breathalyzer test if a breathalyzer is counter-indicated (for instance, perhaps the driver suffers from emphysema or has been fitted for a respiratory stoma.) Refusal to submit to chemical DUII testing carries a fine of $500-1000 and results automatically in a one-year suspension of the suspect’s driving rights. Multiple refusals to submit result in steadily-higher fines and longer license suspensions.

What Will Happen?

In Oregon, a first DUII offense carries a fine of $1000-2000, 48 hours to a year of jail time, and the suspension of the operator’s driving rights for a year. Additionally, all Oregon DUII convictions require the operator’s vehicle to be fitted with an Ignition Interlock Device which is essentially a breathalyzer machine integrated into a vehicle’s ignition in such a way that it requires a successful (%0.00) result to turn on the car. A second Oregon DUII conviction leads to fines ranging from $2,000-3,000 and a three-year license suspension along with up to a year in jail. In the event of a third DUII, jail time increases to up to five years, fines increase to $2,000-10,000, and it is possible for the courts to order a permanent suspension of driving privilege. Oregon DUII laws are no joke.

What Else Should I Know About Oregon DUII Laws?

Most people don’t know that a defendant is not allowed to plea out of a DUII charge in Oregon. Oregon Code 813.170 specifically prohibits the abrogation of charges in DUII cases. Luckily for first-time Oregon DUII recipients, diversion is still an option. Entering a diversion program might mean dodging some or all the penalties associated with a DUII conviction, other than what is always a hefty and meaningfully damaging fine.

Can Eugene, Oregon Defense Lawyers Help?

Defense attorneys who have been working in Oregon over the years know how DUII law has become more and more punishing to those convicted. They realize the huge impact that a small choice can have on your life. They also know that an experienced defense lawyer in Eugene, Oregon has the knowledge and skills to make sure you get the best deal before, during, or even after a DUII conviction. If you are facing DUII, call Eugene attorneys Veralrud and Fowler today. They will help you get back on the road to success.

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