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Eugene Injury Attorney: Dog Bite Lawyer

When you are looking for a dog bite lawyer in Eugene, Oregon, look no further than Eugene injury attorney Veralrud and Fowler. Thanks to Oregon’s atypical dog bite liability framework, it pays to find a local attorney who will help you get the most out of your dog bite claim. Do not settle for less than the real impact of your dog bite injury. Make finding an experienced Eugene injury attorney your top priority today. 

When your Need A Eugene Injury Attorney For A Dog Bite

Is your dog bite injury sufficiently grievous to prompt a dog bite lawsuit in Oregon. You really need to give this question some serious thought, because in Oregon dog owners can only be held liable for “economic damages” arising from the dog bite. That means if you want to try and assert some “emotional harm” claim from a dog attack, you will likely be out of luck.

The Oregon Dog Bite Silver Lining

Unfortunately, there are no provisions in Oregon law for recovering damages based on emotional damages. Luckily, is is relatively simple to establish liability for real economic damages arising from a dog attack such as medical bills, possible lost wages, and more. The typical dog attack victim cannot determine the full extent of these damages on their own. That takes the expertise of an experienced Oregon dog attack attorney like those found at Eugene law firm Veralrud and Fowler. The talented dog accident lawyers at Veralrud and Fowler will walk you through the compensation picture you situation paints, filling in the landscape of your situation with details only an experienced dog attack lawyer can understand.

Is It Hard To Sue For A Dog Injury In Oregon?

Is it hard to sue for a dog injury in Oregon? In a word, “no.” In fact, thanks to Oregon’s unique dog bite attack law, you can be sure that your injuries will not go uncompensated; the question revolves around the extent to which a dog owner can be held liable for their dog’s biting injury. This sort of question takes the expertise of a personal injury attorney to suss out.

Eugene Injury Attorney: Dog Attack Attorney

Now that you know a little more about dog attacks in Eugene, Oregon, you know that the next step is calling a Eugene, Oregon dog attack lawyer at the Veralrud and Fowler law firm. Without a free consultation with a Eugene injury lawyer, you might never be able to determine the full amount of compensation you are owed. Remember, the dog owner might also be retaining a lawyer, especially if they really like their dog. In the state of Oregon, a dangerous dog can be subject to destruction especially if involved in serial violence. Protect future victim from the ravages of dangerous dogs, and get justice for your personal injuries. The Eugene injury lawyer knowledge at Veralrud and Fowler is second to none, guaranteeing you quality you should expect from a Eugene injury lawyer.

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