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Medication and Malpractice

Medication-based mistakes in hospitals are becoming more and more common. With medical errors now the third-leading cause of death in the United States, it pays to know your rights as a patient. When a medical profession makes a serious error that causes injury or even death, it is important to know how to get the compensation you deserve. Only personal injury lawyers like Veralrud and Fowler have the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex world of medication-based malpractice claims.

Legal Duties of Prescribers

The law dictates medical service providers assess three factors before prescribing any medication. They are the relative benefits and risks of the medication in light of the patient’s overall health, the relationship of the prescription to other medications being taken by the patient, and the medication’s known side-effects. Failure to provide adequate care in any of these areas breaks the law, endangers patients, and poses significant financial risk to any negligent caregiver’s employer. Seeking compensation with a Eugene attorney isn’t just about making you whole. It’s about holding doctors and health care providers responsible for the care they give all their patients.

Possible Mistakes

Even if your prescriber has assessed the legally-required factors we have just discussed, there are still other ways medication mistakes can happen. Filling the prescription requires reading the prescription correctly, dispensing the correct medication, and including the correct dosage instructions on the prescription label. Even small mistakes in any of these areas can lead to big problems.

Medication Administration problems

Some medications are not administered by patients themselves. Even if the provider who wrote the prescription and the pharmacist who filled it did their jobs, errors can still occur in the administration of medication. Any medication administered by any route besides oral ingestion carries increased risk of complications. These can include traumatic injury or infection. A medication administered through an improper route can also cause serious problems.

Your responsibilities

When medical professionals fail at their legal and ethical duties, patients have  recourse through medical malpractice lawsuits. Patients who feel that they have been wronged by a medical professional or professionals need to show they fulfilled all their responsibilities.

In cases where the patient self- administers medication, it is imperative that the patient read and follow all dosage instructions and requirements. Using more or less of a prescribed medication than instructed or not taking the medication for the term required places liability for a medication mistake on the patient.

A patient who believes they were not properly warned about drug interactions or side effects must show that they provided the physician prescribing a drug with all pertinent information about any current medications or pre-existing medical issues. They must also demonstrate that the physician was aware of possible dangers and failed to disclose them.

If the error came when the prescription was being filled, the patient must show that they had the correct prescription and provided it to the pharmacist.

A Way Forward

Medication errors can be tragic. In these cases, you need local Eugene attorneys you can trust. Your medical history and information is very sensitive. Veralrud and Fowler are there when you need them the most.

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