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Information Regarding Eugene Wrongful Death Claims

Have you lost a loved one as a result of a wrongful death? If so, it’s time that you hire the most qualified personal injury attorney Eugene has to offer. Facing the wrongful death claims process without proper legal representation is risky at best and could be an absolute disaster if not handled properly.  Wrongful death law is complex and much of the claims process is time sensitive.  Veralrud and Fowler would be honored to provide you with one of our highly successful Eugene personal injury attorneys. The attorney you hire from our firm will work tirelessly to see that you and your loved ones receive the representation you deserve.

Process for Wrongful Deaths Claims in Lane County

The first step you must take in the wrongful death claims process is to consider hiring the one of the most successful personal injury attorneys in Eugene. In order to have a chance at a successful claim, you will likely require expert legal counsel. Wrongful death law is too complex for the average person to navigate alone. The Eugene attorney you hire will be able to help you determine whether or not you have legal grounds to file a claim. The spouse and children of the deceased without question have the right to file a wrongful death claim but other relations may not have the right. In Oregon, the courts do allow, in certain cases, grandparents, step parents, and step children to file wrongful death claims.

Once it has been determined that your relationship to the deceased provides you with legal rights to pursue a wrongful death claim the next step in the claims process is to determine the amount that you will sue for. While a monetary value can never be placed on a life this amount will go to provide for you and your family after the loss of your loved one. The personal injury attorney in Eugene that you hire will gather the medical bills and expenses that accrued in order to ensure that you are reimbursed. In addition you will have the right to be compensated for loss of love and companionship, funeral costs, burial costs, and pain and suffering. All of these are crucial factors to consider when determining the final amount you will settle on for restitution.

After the damages have been calculated and a final amount settled on the defendant will have the option to pay the settlement amount. If a settlement amount cannot be agreed upon then both parties will enter into the phase of the wrongful death claims process called discovery. This is where both parties legal counsel begin to build their cases. Witnesses will be question while under oath or deposed and each side will have the right to request documents from the other in order to build their case. Before the claim goes to trial both sides will enter into mediation for one last attempt to reach a settlement; if a settlement cannot be reached the claim will go to trial. At trial both parties will present their case and a jury will make a final judgement.

Hire a Qualified Eugene Personal Injury Attorney

At Veralrud and Fowler, we understand the emotional toll a wrongful death lawsuit can take on a family. The Eugene personal injury attorney you hire from our firm will operate with sensitivity and compassion as you go through this difficult time. We will fight tirelessly to see that you are granted the restitution you deserve. Don’t attempt to go through the wrongful death claims process alone: call or email the attorneys at Veralrud and Fowler today.

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