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Eugene, Oregon Major Airline Accident Lawyer

If you are injured while employing the services of a major airline, winning compensation for your accident can be very complex. The airline industry itself is a multifaceted enterprise under the supervision of the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The major stakeholders include the owners of the major airlines themselves, enormous aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus, and the operators of airports. Billions of dollars move through the airline industry every year. In the face of such a gargantuan institution, how can one person hope to get what they are owed in their personal injury lawsuit?

Aviation Accident Lawyers

Crafting a major airline accident lawsuit often requires months of preparation by an experienced aviation accident attorney. During this time, your aviation accident lawyer will gather a team of experts to deal with the many different moving parts of your aviation accident lawsuit. The FAA and NTSB are consumer advocates in a sense, but their particular bureaucratic processes can be cumbersome and complex.Your aviation accident lawsuit team has the specialized knowledge to deal with agencies like the FAA and NTSB, as well as the legal know how to deal with the powerful lawyers major airlines retain.

How Will I Know I Have a Case?

Several different situations can cause an injury in an aircraft setting. Any of these can be the basis for an aviation accident lawsuit. Pilot error, failure to pay attention to air traffic control, ignoring flight service station employees, structural or design problems with the plane, violation of FAA guidelines, and broken or faulty equipment are common causes of major airline aviation accidents.

Assigning Liability in a Major Airline Accident Lawsuit

Assigning liability in a major airline accident lawsuit involves the balancing of many different factors. In cases where a pilot error caused the injury, for instance, a large share of liability might land directly on the pilot, with a smaller proportion being assigned to the airline.

In cases of gross mechanical failure, assigning liability can be especially tricky. This is where the expert knowledge of the FAA and NTSB becomes very valuable. Both agencies respond to and investigate any major airline aviation accident. Their teams of investigators are federally-funded, with powerful legal rights and accesses along with laboratories and forensics specialists which allow them to discover information very efficiently. Though your plane accident personal injury lawyer has a lot of tools in their toolbox, they do not have a federally-funded forensics laboratory. Luckily, the NTSB and FAA are happy to share resources with victims of a major airline gross mechanical failure, as long as you know how to ask.

Eugene, Oregon Major Airline Aviation Accident Lawyer

If you have an accident on a major airline, you need to call a Eugene, Oregon aviation accident personal injury lawyer today. Veralrud and Fowler will put all the pieces of your case together and get you the compensation you need. Call Veralrud and Fowler today for your free aviation accident injury consultation.

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