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How Can a Eugene, Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney Impact My Case?

Most people assume that a criminal defense lawyer’s main job is dodging convictions and obtaining “not guilty” verdicts. Indeed, avoiding convictions is a big part of a criminal defense attorney’s job. But hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Eugene, Oregon also means gaining access to the full tool kit an experienced criminal defense attorney has at their disposal.

What Impact Will A Defense Lawyer Have?

An experienced Eugene, Oregon defense attorney is well-versed in the legal structure of the state. Every case a criminal defense lawyer works on increases their understanding of the often confusing and labyrinthine legal system. Even lawyers fresh out of law school fumble and stumble around during their first few years as they figure out the way the real world works as opposed to the ideal presented in academia. Here are some ways hiring a Eugene criminal defense lawyer could help you if you find yourself the subject of a criminal case.


The word “representation” can mean many things, and when we are talking about criminal defense lawyers, it often does. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you take yourself out of the complex, confusing, and often intentionally tricky legal world. Instead, your criminal defense attorney steps in to operate on your behalf. We have all heard of “pleading the 5th” and “the Miranda Warning,” but we rarely stop to consider what those things really mean. Things like pleading the 5th and the Miranda warning exist because the lay person is simply unprepared to deal with the legal system without getting themselves into even more trouble. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer to represent you during your criminal case, you can be sure legal issues are handled with expert care and attention.

Making It Work

A talented criminal defense attorney knows there is more than one way to solve any legal problem. They “know when to show ’em and know when to fold ’em,” so to speak, and bring that knowledge to every case. Negotiating with the State’s attorney is nearly impossible for the lay person. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Eugene has met the State’s attorney before. They have doubtless had many conversations over many years about many clients. With a proven track-record of acquittals, a defense lawyer brings real risks and benefits to the State. Trying a case is expensive, and the State knows that if it fails to secure a conviction, the price could be heavy. Often, a strong reputation is enough to move proceedings directly toward favorable plea bargains.

Eugene, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers

Eugene, Oregon criminal defense attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have what it takes to secure the best outcome in your criminal case. With decades of combined experience in the area, the talented criminal defense lawyers at Veralrud and Fowler will represent you during the complex legal process and make it work during the proceedings, whether that means taking the case all the way to a jury acquittal or simply accepting a favorable plea deal. If you are facing criminal charges, call Veralrud and Fowler today for a free consultation.

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