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Eugene, Oregon Wrongful Death Attorneys

In the realm of wrongful death lawsuits can be both confusing and difficult to traverse. At Veralrud and Fowler we can provide you the most qualified and successful accident attorney Eugene has to offer to guide you through this process. Below we have answered some of the most common questions surrounding wrongful death and in order to further aide you.

What is wrongful death and how is it defined in Oregon?

A wrongful death is classified as a death that was the result of negligence or criminal misconduct by another party. When one person’s irresponsible or even criminal actions have caused the death of another that person’s family and loved ones have the right to seek damages and restitution for the financial and emotional hardship the death caused. A wrongful death lawsuit seeks financial restitution for the emotional and financial losses the family has after the death of their loved one. Types of wrongful death include death from a DUI accident, equipment malfunction resulting in death, car wreck and even murder. Having the best accident attorney Eugene can offer is vital to the success of your case.

Can wrongful death be murder?

Wrongful death and murder can be one in the same. Many wrongful death cases are the follow up of criminal charges. Should your loved one be murdered by another person you have the legal right to hire a personal injury attorney in Eugene and sue for the financial and emotional trauma that was a result of their death. The accused does not have to be convicted of murder for them to be charged with wrongful death, the burden of proof required for murder is much higher than that of wrongful death. One could easily be found guilty of wrongful death but found not guilty murder.

How are the financial damages determined in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Every case is different but the goal is to help the family come back to a full financial recovery after the death. The courts will look at the wages lost after the death, the loss of future income if applicable, monetary losses as a direct result of the death and the pain and suffering experienced.  The courts will also take into account the pain and suffering of the deceased between the time of injury and time of death. Should your loved one be injured and pass away days, weeks or months later from the injury the courts believe that the family should have restitution for that suffering. At Veralrud and Fowler we can provide you with the most qualified accident attorney Eugene has to offer to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

What information do I need to have for the wrongful death case?

When preparing for a wrongful death case it is important to have all the facts surrounding the incident and how it occurred, the names and contact information of witnesses and the description of evidence surrounding the circumstances of the incident.  Your Eugene accident attorney will be invaluable in helping gather and prepare the information needed for your wrongful death case.

Is there a set time limit to file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Yes, there is a time limit set for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Your injury attorney from Eugene must file the lawsuit three years after the time of the injury that resulted in death. This does always mean three years from the time of death. Should your loved one be injured and then later die as a result of that injury the time frame for your lawsuit would be three from the day of injury. If your loved one died the same day of injury then it would be three years from the day of death. Once again, having the right personal injury attorney from Eugene is crucial to the success of your claim.

Who has the ability to file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Usually the spouse or children of the deceased party are the ones who can file a wrongful death claim with the help of their accident attorneys in Eugene. Oregon does allow for grandparents, step-parents and step-children. In most instances those who file the claim are family members.

We at Veralrud and Fowler are committed to ensuring that you are fairly and justly represented during this painful time in your life. As your accident attorneys in Eugene we will fight to gain you the compensation you deserve after such an extreme loss.

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