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Eugene, Oregon Commercial DUII Info

DUII charges can be very serious to face but even more so if you are a commercial driver. If you are a commercial driver facing DUII charges while on the job it’s time hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. At Veralrud and Fowler we have successfully handled countless number of DUII cases including those of commercial truck drivers. The Eugene attorney you hire from our firm will work tirelessly to see that you are justly treated in your legal process. We are well versed in the laws surrounding commercial driving under the influence of intoxicants charges and would be honored to go to work for you.

Facing a DUII as a Commercial Driver

Commercial drivers, such as semi-truck drivers or bus drivers, are held to more stringent standards when it comes to alcohol and other intoxicants. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations for those driving with a commercial driver’s license or CDL. The damage a commercial truck driver can cause if driving while impaired is often greater than that of a regular driver. This is why it is so crucial to have a qualified Eugene criminal defense attorney when facing a DUII as a commercial driver.

The sheer size of the trucks is a hazard in itself. An out of control semi due to an impaired driver is a serious hazard and can cause untold damage, not to mention the load that is being hauled. A tanker full of gasoline is a serious risk if not carefully transported by a qualified and sober driver. While bus drivers may not be transporting dangerous cargo, if they drive while under the influence of intoxicants they are putting each one of their passengers at risk. It is for these reasons that the FMCSA has put more serious restrictions on commercial drivers.

FMCSA Commercial Driver Restrictions in Eugene, Oregon

A commercial driver is required to have no more than a 0.04 blood alcohol level or BAC. This is half of what a normal driver can legally have in their system. The maximum BAC for someone driving their own personal vehicle is 0.08. A commercial driver is also restricted on when they are allowed to consume an alcoholic beverage regardless of what their blood alcohol levels might be. No commercial driver can consume an alcoholic beverage within four hours of starting their job.

Alcohol and Drug Testing for Eugene Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers may be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol after an accident to ensure that it wasn’t a DUII if there is reasonable suspicion. Drivers may also be subject to alcohol and drug testing before they are officially hired, after an accident has occurred, if there is reasonable suspicion that they are operating under the influence of intoxicants, or after having a drug policy violation.

Hiring a Eugene, Oregon DUII Attorney

If you are a commercial driver facing DUII charges we can help. At Veralrud and Fowler we will provide you with a qualified Eugene criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. After successfully handling numerous commercial drivers DUII’s we can confidently defend you and will build a rock solid defense for your unique case. Call Veralrud and Fowler today for expert legal counsel.

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