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Eugene, Oregon Plea Bargains

Have you been charged with a crime and are in need of a qualified Eugene criminal defense lawyer? If your answer was yes it’s time to set up a consultation with Veralrud and Fowler immediately. Our law firm specializes in criminal law and has years of successful experience defending clients facing all types of legal trouble. The Eugene attorney you hire from our firm will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the very best defense possible. There are several strategies that we may adopt to ensure that you are fairly treated by the courts, one of which is a plea bargain.

What is a Plea Bargain?

The majority of criminal cases are resolved through plea bargains. A plea bargain is where the defendant agrees to plead guilty to an often lesser charge and face a more lenient sentence. The prosecution will attempt to make a deal with the defense in order to avoid trial entirely. Plea bargains are especially common in cases where there is significant evidence against the defense. If the defense believes that they cannot win at trial they will likely accept a plea bargain in order to avoid facing the full charges placed against them. There are several different types of common plea bargains in criminal cases.

Examples of Plea Bargains

In order to understand the common types of plea bargains it’s best to have some examples. Let’s say that Dan is facing assault and battery charges after getting into a bar fight. There different types of plea bargains the prosecution may offer.

  • The prosecution may offer to have Sam plead to a lesser charge. Instead of facing assault and battery charges he may simply plead guilty to disorderly conduct. The prosecution wants to avoid and trial and Sam and his Eugene criminal defense attorney may decide that a trial is too risky if the evidence against him substantial. Pleading guilty to a lesser charge and facing a less stringent sentence may be the best option instead of going to trial and taking the risk of a guilty assault and battery verdict and its more severe sentence.
  • If there are multiple counts of assault and battery the prosecution may offer Sam and his Eugene criminal defense attorney the option of only pleading guilty to one count of assault and battery. Again, this could be a good option if the evidence against Sam is substantial. Pleading guilty to one count may be a better option than going to trial and possibly being found guilty for multiple counts.
  • If the evidence against Sam is so incredibly substantial and the injuries to the victim are serious enough the prosecution may offer a plea bargain where Sam would have to plead guilty to the original charges but face a more lenient sentence. In cases where there is extensive evidence against the defendant this may be the only type of plea bargain they are offered.

Hiring a Eugene Criminal Defense Lawyer

While pleading guilty to charges doesn’t feel like a win, sometimes it is simply the best option for defendants in certain cases. At Veralrud and Fowler our goal is to provide you with quality legal advice and a rock solid defense. The Eugene criminal defense attorney you hire from our firm will work with you to find the best solution for you unique case, whether plea bargain or trial. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges it’s time to call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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