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Eugene Personal Injury Lawyer – School Sports Injury

School sports can be one of the most fun and exciting parts of being a kid. But school sports, like all sports, carry risks. Every year, around 1.5 million youths experience a serious injury while participating in either a school-sponsored or privately officiated youth sport. Of these, some are even devastating TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries). TBI’s are the leading cause of school-sports related injury death in the United States. And, just like the TBI’s experienced by NFL players, TBI’s inflicted during childhood may have highly adverse consequences in later life, including aggression, memory loss, and reduced cognitive function. Among American children, sports cause approximately 21% of traumatic brain injuries.

Eugene Personal Injury Lawyer – Which Sports are the Most Risky?

Out of all the sports regularly played by children, football is the most dangerous of all. 215,000 children visit the emergency room every year due to football-related injuries. Football also causes more traumatic brain injuries than any other sport. Training accidents in football are common, accounting for around 60% of all emergency room visits.

Basketball – An Unknown Risk

Surprisingly, basketball is the next-most-likely sport to cause an injuury. Around 200,000 children visit the emergency room each year due to basketball-related injuries. Though it seems like a sport with more body-to-body contact like soccer might be next on the list, this ignores the very hard wooden floor, the flying elbows, and the generally taller players on a basketball teams. TBI’s and fractures are unfortunately too common.

Injured in School Sports – What Can I do?

There are several factors which might prevent you from taking action in a school sports personal injury lawsuit. If you signed a waiver that indemnifies the school district or official body against certain claims related to the sport, it is possible you also signed away your ability to collect damages in a school sports-related injury. Also, courts reckon a certain assumption of risk when playing a school sport. Common injuries associated with the sport, such as a twisted ankle in a soccer game, fall well below the threshold of unreasonable risk or danger. Along with this, a failure to demonstrate negligence will cut you off at the pass as well. In order for a personal injury lawsuit to be successful, you must show an instance or instances where the school district failed to provide some commonly-accepted standard of care or protection that would have prevented the accident.

Eugene Personal Injury Lawyer – Injured in School Sports

If you believe you might have a school sports injury case, it’s time to get in touch with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. School sports personal injury or youth sports personal injury lawsuits are fraught with complexity the average person has a hard time unraveling. A skilled personal injury lawyer will determine whether your case has merit and guide you every step of the way if it does. Eugene personal injury lawyers Veralrud and Fowler maintain a powerful legal team ready to tackle your school sports personal injury case. Give them a call today for your free consultation.

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