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Eugene Car Accident Attorney: Vehicle Defects

Major car companies pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the research and development of every vehicle they sell. Top-notch engineers and designers work long hours slaving over equations and schematics, all in the pursuit of creating a safe, durable, functional vehicle the buyer can own problem-free for years to come. Today, cars are more mechanically complex than ever before. Not only are they made of precisely-designed mechanical bits and pieces… they are also full of integrated computers which control everything from the brakes to the climate control. Even twenty years ago, making all the systems in a vehicle work together effectively was a monumental task. Now, there are very few models released which don’t eventually fall under at least a minor recall.

Eugene Car Accident Attorney When Things Go Wrong

Vehicle components experience massive stress even in day-to-day driving. Thousands of pounds of steel, rubber, upholstery, and other sundry bits and pieces must be made to start, accelerate, stop, and turn all together without fail hundreds of thousands of times a year. Car manufacturers do everything they can to make sure that vehicles do what they are designed to do without fail. Nonetheless, sometimes things go wrong. In the worst cases, a mechanical failure might cause an injury. If you have been injured in an auto accident caused by a defective vehicle, it’s time to call a personal injury attorneys. Eugene attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have what it takes to get you the compensation you need after an auto accident related to a manufacturer’s defect.

Proving Liability Might Be Easier Than You Think

Many years ago, lawmakers realized proving liability in defective product cases placed an unreasonable burden on the consumer. The average person harmed by a defective product does not have a team of lawyers and technical experts necessary to prove a company acted with carelessness in the design or assembly of the product in question. Because of this, lawmakers established the doctrine of strict liability.

Do I Have A Strict Liability Claim?

The doctrine of strict liability says that a consumer has a right to compensation if they are injured by unexpected or dangerous performance of a consumer product. This means the burden of proof for product liability cases is much lower than traditional negligence claims. You might qualify for a defective vehicle injury auto accident claim if you meet two of the following three conditions:

Unreasonably Dangerous Defect

Your injury auto accident was caused by catastrophic mechanical failure due to poor engineering, flawed assembly processes, damage caused in transit to the point of sale, or anything else that might have happened before you acquired the vehicle with a reasonable expectation of sound operation.

Consequent Injury

The unreasonably dangerous defect caused injury.

Vehicle In Stock Condition

The vehicle had not been substantially altered in any way.

Eugene Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

If you believe your injury auto accident was caused by a defective vehicle, give Eugene auto accident attorneys Veralrud and Fowler a call today for a free consultation.


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