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Eugene Criminal Defense Attorneys – What to Do If you were Assaulted

Were you assaulted and now are unsure of what to do? If so, there are some immediate steps you should take to protect yourself, including hiring a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. At Veralrud and Fowler we want our clients to be well informed on how they should respond to any and all legal situations. In many cases the victims of assault are unaware of the steps they should take immediately after the assault occurs. From collecting evidence to removing yourself from the situation, there are ways to protect yourself and build your case.

First it’s important to understand the definition of assault. In many cases when assault is mentioned we think of a violent attack that has caused severe physical harm. While this classifies as assault it is the more extreme version. Assault is generally classified as unlawful contact with another person. This could be sexual, violent or basic touch. No one has the right to place their hands on you without your express permission.

Should you find yourself the victim of assault immediately remove yourself from the situation. Placing yourself at a distance from your attacker is essential for your own personal safety. This will prevent further assault. The last thing you should do is engage your attacker beyond what it takes to defend yourself. Do what you must to end contact with your assaulter.

Your next step should be to call the police and file a report. Officers will able to provide you with protection if needed and take your written statement. The sooner you report your assault the more accurate the information you are able to provide. Officers will be able to record the situation and collect any evidence of the attack. Filing a report immediately after the fact will add validity to your statement and begin build a case against your assaulter. At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly provide you with a Eugene criminal defense lawyer to build a case against your attacker.

If you were injured in the assault see a doctor right away. The doctor you see will be able to make a report of your injuries that can be used in your case. Having doctor’s report is vital to establishing the validity of your injuries. The records and testimony of the doctor who treated you are crucial pieces of evidence to your case. . As your Eugene lawyers we will use these medical records, and even the testimony of the doctor who treated you, to substantiate the severity of the attack against you.

After the assault has occurred make sure you take pictures of your injuries. The police or doctor who examines you may do this for you. Even if they do this, it is still a good idea to have your own photos of the injury. Taking a picture of your injury each day for several days after is also crucial. Bruising sometimes take several days to appear. Make sure to record the date and time of each picture in order to show the progression of your injury.

As soon as you are able, hire a Eugene criminal defense Alawyer to take on your case. Having qualified legal representation is crucial to the case against your attacker. At Verlarud and Fowler we would be honored to take on your case. We have experience practicing criminal law and can confidently and successfully represent you. The lawyer you hire can make or break the success of your case. Refuse to settle for subpar legal representation and call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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