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Eugene Car Accident Attorney – Mechanical Failure

Taking a car into the shop is rarely a happy occasion. In a culture which relies heavily on the easy access to and availability of personal transportation, being without a car for any reason can profoundly interfere with your day-to-day life. And nowadays, with every year bringing massive increases in automotive technical complexity, repairing your car yourself is becoming more and more unfeasible. So, we entrust the car and repair of our  vehicles to supposedly competent mechanics who may or may not fix the problems we have. Most of the time they do a good job. Most of the time we are safely back on the road for thousands more miles of safe, comfortable driving. But sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes, a poor maintenance procedure or repair can lead to catastrophic mechanical failure. If you believe a problematic maintenance procedure or botched repair by an automotive repair shop precipitated a injury-causing mechanical failure, it is time to call Eugene car accident attorneys Veralrud and Fowler today. Their years of experience and expert team will be able to unravel the complexities of your car accident case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Eugene Car Accident Attorney – Maintenance Problems

In order to have a long and relatively trouble-free life, cars need regular maintenance. These maintenance procedures might include oil and fluid changes, fitting accessory drive belts, changing various air, fuel, oil, and transmission filters, installing shocks or struts, replacing brake pads, charging air conditioning systems, and swapping out old tire for new ones. All these procedures are considered maintenance rather than repair since all these fluids, belts, tires and mechanical bits are designed to be wear parts.

Where is the Negligence?

So, how can maintenance problems lead to an automotive injury lawsuit? The short answer, as with most personal injury suits, is negligence. In the case of mechanical failure leading to an injury, negligence can be defined as a failure to render service according to the manufacturer’s standards leading to an injury-causing mechanical failure. Every manufacturer publishes a factory service manual for every vehicle they produce specifying all maintenance and repair procedures in exacting detail. When these guidelines are not followed, they can cause dangerous conditions for the vehicle and its driver. Incorrect tire size leading to a blowout which causes an injury car accident would be a good example of a maintenance-related mechanical failure.

Repair Problems

Negligence claims related to repair problems follow the same logic as those caused by problematic maintenance. With today’s information resources, no shop has any excuse to be under-educated about a repair. Nonetheless, sometimes incorrect parts are installed or correct parts are installed incorrectly. When this happens, mechanical failure is not just possible… it’s eminent.

Eugene Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

If you believe your injury-causing stemmed from negligence on the part of an automotive repair shop, it’s time to call Eugene Car Accident Attorneys Veralrud and Fowler. During your free consultation, you will be able to figure out whether the shop who worked on your vehicle can be held liable for auto accident damages. Veralrud and Fowler will work hard to make you whole. Call today.

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