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Eugene, Oregon Residential Slip and Fall FAQ

Premise liability or slip and fall cases do not occur just in a commercial setting, but in a residential one as well. The laws surrounding residential slip and falls are different than those of commercial slip and falls. If you were injured in a residential slip and fall it is highly recommended that you hire a Eugene personal injury attorney to be your advocate in this process. At Veralrud and Fowler we have dealt with an untold number of residential slip and fall cases and will gladly walk you through the process. We are well versed in the laws surrounding residential slip and falls and would be honored to represent you. Below, we have outlined some of the different types of residential slip and falls and the claims process. If you were injured in a government office please see the info here.

In order for a slip and fall to be classified as residential it must take place on privately owned property such as a house. You must prove that the owner was negligent in order for their home owner’s insurance to cover your medical costs. Home owner’s insurance plans have liability coverage should someone be injured on the home owner’s property. Negligence must be proven in order for liability coverage to pay for the injured party’s expenses. Having a personal injury attorney in Eugene to handle your case is especially important when trying to prove negligence.

Residential slip and falls can take place in many forms. Stairs are one of the areas where slip and falls most commonly occur. If there are no handrails or faulty handrails the homeowner could be found liable for any injuries that you sustained because of the lack of these necessary safety measures. Uneven or shallow steps and loose or worn carpeting are also a cause of injury that the owner can be held liable for. The homeowner is responsible to maintain their home and keep it up to code. Failure to do so could be deemed negligent and leave the homeowner liable. If you fell under these circumstances consult with a Eugene personal injury attorney immediately.

Homeowners must maintain the sidewalks and walkways that are a part of their property. It is their responsibility to see that they are reasonably safe. Cracked or crumbling sidewalks fall in the jurisdiction of the city to repair and a homeowner cannot be found liable for injuries that occur because of these conditions. Keeping walkways and sidewalks free of ice and snow is the job of the homeowner. Even though this technically classified as their responsibility it is difficult to win a slip and fall case against a homeowner under these conditions. In the winter months it can be next to impossible to keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow if the weather is extreme.  Pedestrians and cyclist are called to act with extra caution when the weather is especially severe. If they are injured they can bring a lawsuit against the homeowner but it will be difficult for them to win. Juries usually favor the homeowner in these cases.

Residential slip and falls can be especially damaging. If you have suffered an injury from such a fall it’s time to hire a qualified Eugene personal injury attorney. At Veralrud and Fowler we would be honored to go to work for you. We will work tirelessly to see that you receive the compensation you are due. Refuse to face the claims process alone and call Verlarud and Fowler today.

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