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Eugene Criminal Attorney – Expungements 

Are you seeking to have your record expunged? If so, it’s time to give Veralrud and Fowler a call. The Eugene attorney we provide you with will work tirelessly to see your record expunged. In the expungement cases we have handled our clients often ask us some of the same initial questions and below we have answered several of them.

What does it mean to have my criminal record expunged?

Expungement is when your criminal record is hidden from public access. In most instances expungement does not mean the complete destruction of your criminal record. Law enforcement will still have some form of access to it but it will only be available to them. The general public will be unable to access information of the crime you were convicted for.

Many states use different terms for expungement. Sealing, setting aside, removal, and destruction are all expressions used interchangeably with expungement. Every state has their own laws surrounding expungement and what types of crimes qualify for removal.

At Veralrud and Fowler we highly recommend seeking a Eugene criminal defense lawyer to walk you through the expungement process. Having the right Eugene lawyer can make all the difference in your expungement case.

What criminal offenses qualify for expungement in Eugene?

The crimes that most often qualify for expungement are misdemeanors, class C felonies, and certain class B felonies. Sex crimes and child abuse charges are much harder to have expunged due to their serious nature. In every case it is up to the judge to approve the removal of your criminal record. Not every misdemeanor or class C or B felony will be approved for expungement. The sealing of records rests upon the mercy of the judge handling your case.

It is crucial that you seek an experienced Eugene attorney to handle your expungement case. We will gladly provide you with a qualified Eugene lawyer to handle your unique case.

What is the filing fee for record expungement in Eugene Oregon?

In Oregon the filing fee for the expungement of a conviction is $252. You will need to provide the DA’s office a copy of your fingerprints and a certified check for $80 to begin the expungement process for a conviction. Later you will pay the additional amount. However, if you were never convicted you will not have to pay a filing fee.  If you are only seeking to have an arrest expunged you will only need to present a copy of your fingerprint file. The regulations and fees for record expungement can change at any time.

The process for expungement can be complicated at best. Hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer with Veralrud and Fowler to handle the onerous process of your expungement case.

Can Oregon traffic tickets and DUIIs be expunged?

Traffic violations are not eligible for expungement. DUIIs are classified as traffic violations, and therefore, cannot be expunged.

The process of record expungement can be long and complicated. Traversing it without a Eugene Oregon attorney on your side can seem an impossible task. At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly provide you with an experienced Eugene Oregon criminal defense lawyer. Place your case in the hands of a Eugene attorney from Veralrud and Fowler and rest easy knowing you have a successful Eugene lawyer on your side.

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