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Murder or Criminal Homicide in Eugene, Oregon.

A criminal charge of Murder, a form of Criminal Homicide in Oregon, in Lane County and Eugene is extremely serious.  If you are convicted of Murder in Oregon, it carries a minimum 25-year sentence in prison.  Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Eugene is an absolute must for anyone arrested for this type of crime.  Veralrud and Fowler, one of Eugene’s top-rated law firms, can provide you with the experienced and top-notch representation you are entitled to.  

First of all, DO NOT talk to the police or any representatives of the State without a lawyer present, as anything you say could be used against you later.  This is especially important with a criminal homicide case as even the most minor inconsistency in what you say might destroy your credibility or help the District Attorney build a case against you.  

What is considered Criminal Homicide in Eugene?

These crimes involve the killing of another person in an unlawful manner. There are different levels of charges that are based on the circumstances involved and it can be very complicated to determine which crime someone might be charged with.  You could also be liable for a charge of criminal homicide if someone is killed, even unintentionally, while you are committing another crime.  Some examples include cases of: burglary, robbery, assault, kidnapping, arson or sexual assault.

Which type of murder applies to my case in Lane County?
All types of murder in the State of Oregon are based on the definition of criminal homicide by the Oregon Revised Statutes. “A person commits criminal homicide if, without justification or excuse, the person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence causes the death of another human being.  Criminal homicide is murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide or aggravated vehicular homicide.”

The charges you face will depend on the circumstances that led to the unlawful death of a person, and if it can be established, your intent during the alleged crime.

Murder and Aggravated Murder

The District Attorney in Lane County will charge you with murder if they plan to prove that the killing of a human being was intentional or that you were committing another serious crime that resulted in that person’s death.  The charge will be upgraded to “Aggravated” murder if the victim was: a child under the age of 14, juror, witness, correctional officer, police officer, or judge.  Any “for hire” killings where money was paid are also considered aggravated murder.

Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle in Lane County, and it resulted in the death of another person, the State will file charges of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide.  Any other form of recklessly operating a motor vehicle or “manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life” will also result in this charge.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

This is a Class B Felony; characterized by causing an unintentional death of another person in a way that is grossly deviant from the actions of a reasonably prudent person.  In other words, the death was allegedly caused by someone who failed to perceive an unjustifiable risk to another person’s health or safety.

How can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Eugene help me?

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your arrest, hiring a qualified, experienced, and expert attorney is absolutely critical when facing charges for murder, criminal homicide, or manslaughter in Lane County.  Veralrud and Fowler will provide you with the defense that you deserve.  Call or email us today to begin the process of getting your life and reputation back in order.

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