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Eugene Cannabis Lawyer – H. R. 975

Retaining a Eugene cannabis lawyer is the first step to staying on top of your cannabis business’s complex legal status. Eugene attorney Veralrud and Fowler work hard every day to stay on top of the latest developments in local and national cannabis news.

Eugene Cannabis Lawyer: The “Respect State Marijuana Laws” Act

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that if Congress did not want him to go after cannabis businesses in states where such businesses were permitted, they were responsible for changing Federal marijuana laws. In response, Republican California Representative Dana Rohrabacher reintroduced a bill that had died during the Obama administration: H. R. 975, the “Respect State Marijuana Laws” Act.

What Does H. R. 975 Mean For Cannabis Businesses?

Federally, cannabis and its byproducts are Schedule I drugs according to Federal law. This means that it illegal to consume or possess cannabis for any reason, even medical research, without the benefit of preposterously rare exceptions. If the Federal government decides to step up marijuana law enforcement, Oregon businesses and even private citizens could be in trouble.

Signs of Hope, Reasons for Concern

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump asserted he would prefer to leave the legal status of cannabis up to the states. This would be in keeping with his populist stance, as fully 71 percent of Americans oppose Federal interference in State-sanctioned marijuana industries. Many of his supporters celebrated this move away from a nonsensical and entrenched Republican position and toward a more broadly popular twenty-first century approach.

However, recently statements made by Senator Sessions and Press Secretary Sean Spicer have given cannabis business owners and private users reason to be concerned. Considering the State of Oregon, along with many other post-Prohibition states, keeps detailed records documenting every step of the cannabis production and consumption process, it would be a walk in the park for the Federal government to embark on a Spanish Inquisition-style witch hunt and round up hundreds of thousands of people for breaking laws that so far have remained unenforced.

How To Wreck Your Momentum Completely And Lose The Country

Popular support for sensible cannabis law is only rising. Millennials, who make up a significant part of President Trump’s base, feel very strongly about marijuana issues. If a renewed crackdown on cannabis business begins, it is reasonable to expect a firestorm of opposition, both from state legislators whose tax revenues have been swelling enormously thanks to legal cannabis and from the people at large who recognize the futility of the Drug War and the promise of legalization.

Eugene Cannabis Lawyer – Helping You Keep Your Rights

Your Eugene Cannabis lawyer is prepared to help when legal theory becomes legal reality. Luckily, H. R. 975 would give blanket protections to states who have decided to go their own way when it comes to cannabis. If this bill passes, your Eugene cannabis attorney can show you how this might mean big things for everyone in the great state of Oregon. Keep an eye on Veralrud and Fowler for the latest cannabis law news.

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