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Eugene Criminal Lawyers and Trial by Declaration for Traffic Violations

Have you ever received a traffic violation you felt was just not fair but paid it anyway because you wanted to avoid time spent in court? Many people find it difficult to open up space in their schedule to appear in court. It is no surprise. Court is stressful and often confusing. What if there was a way to fight a traffic ticket and never have to appear in court at all? And, what if, even if you lost, you could receive a new trial in person just by asking?

Defense Lawyers in Eugene Have a Solution

There is a way. It is called “Trial by Declaration,” and it essentially involves sending the judge a letter presenting your defense, confronting evidence against you, and laying out any relevant facts that might sway their opinion toward your innocence. There are shady characters out there who will offer to help you with your Trial by Declaration. Don’t be fooled. Only licenced criminal defense lawyers like Eugene attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have the skills and training necessary to make your Trial by Declaration a success.

The Trial by Declaration Process

The Trial by Declaration process begins when you request one in writing from your county clerk’s office. Do this as soon as you can. The more heads up you give the court, the less likely they are to reject your request. Sometimes a judge will even honor a Trial by Declaration request at your arraignment, but more often they will deny you and send you yo live court.

After the request is filed, you typically have 15 days to work with your lawyer crafting a defense. This is another good reason to file your Trial by Declaration request as soon as possible. You and your Eugene defense attorney need as much time as you can get to gather evidence and arguments for your case.

Remember, the officer in question will be preparing his own report about the violation you are charged with. Try to recall what they said and did during the issuance of the citation. Think of any places where the story they presented you did not match the evidence. If there are big discrepancies between what the officer cited you for and easily-demonstrable facts (such as being charged with running a stop sign at a particular intersection when the particular intersection only had yield signs for instance), you are almost guaranteed a positive verdict.

What if it Doesn’t Work

There’s always a chance the judge reviewing your declaration will find in favor of law enforcement. In this case, you can file a Request for Trial De Novo form to request a new trial in person. Though it is less convenient, you will have the advantage of yourl defense lawyers being present in the courtroom to represent you. Eugene criminal defense attorneys Veralrud and Fowler are well-versed in Trials by Declaration. Save yourself a day in court. Call Veralrud and Fowler today for expert traffic law representation.

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