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Oregon Marijuana Use Laws

Oregon is one of the newest states to legalize the use of marijuana. For so long marijuana was considered illegal and those who were found to be using it required the aid of a Eugene criminal defense lawyer to defend them against criminal charges. At Veralrud and Fowler we are aware that there is still quite a bit of confusion surrounding recreational marijuana and its uses. Below, we have sought to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Oregon’s newly changed stance on marijuana.

At what age is it legal to use marijuana in Oregon?

Anyone over the age of 21 can use marijuana in the state of Oregon. It can be bought for recreational uses at certain medical dispensaries but you will be required to provide proof that you are of age with some form of government issued identification such as a driver’s license. It is not required that you be a resident of Oregon to buy in Oregon. Those who live out of state also have the right to buy in Oregon though it cannot be taken across states lines. Taking marijuana out of state is a chargeable offense. Those who face these charges will require the aid of a Eugene lawyer

 Where can I use marijuana?

Marijuana is only to be used in private. Places such as your home or a friend’s home are perfectly legal places to use marijuana. Public places are deemed off limits. When you are under the influence of marijuana you are considered intoxicated, and therefore, cannot not use in public. This rules out vaping. While vape pens keep marijuana discreet and odorless it is still not legal to use in public.

Where can I go to buy recreational marijuana?

Currently, only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are legally able to sell marijuana for recreational use. There are no stores set up solely for the sale of recreational marijuana. Oregon is still in the very beginning stages of transitioning itself into a state that allows the use of marijuana. It will take time for places other than medical marijuana dispensaries to be able to sell. After December 31st, 2016 the sale of recreational marijuana will be under the control of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. It will then be able to be sold in stores licensed with the OLCC. These retail stores will have strict guidelines to adhere to but the public will no longer be required to go to medical marijuana dispensaries for their recreational purchases.

How much recreational marijuana am I able to legally buy at one time?

When purchasing marijuana you are allowed to buy up to one quarter of an ounce of dried marijuana flower and leaf. You also have the ability to buy up to four immature marijuana plants and an unlimited amount of seeds.

What is the maximum amount of marijuana I can have in my possession?

You can have in your home up to eight ounces of marijuana. In public you may carry no more than one ounce at a time. If you have more than eight ounces in your home or one ounce in public you will be facing criminal charges. If you find yourself in this position hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer to serve as your legal representation.

Will I be able to buy edibles?

Currently, Oregon does not allow the sale of edibles for recreational use. Only those with a medical marijuana card have the ability to buy edible marijuana. Concentrates, extracts and edibles are currently unable to be sold in Oregon. You do have the right to make edible products at home. They can be given as gifts and used in private, they simply cannot be sold.

While Oregon has legalized marijuana the implementation of the new laws will take time. We are only in the first year of legalization. At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly answer any of the questions you may have surrounding marijuana and its changes laws. If you feel you are facing unfair criminal charges concerning marijuana we will gladly provide you with a Eugene criminal defense lawyer.  Our law firm is up to date on the new laws surrounding recreational marijuana and will fight to see that your rights are not infringed upon.

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