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When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After A Car Accident?

The days after a serious car accident can be stressful. In addition to the pain and disruption injuries can cause, there are questions of blame. In cases where negligence seems to be the main cause of an accident, affected parties might be driven by strong emotion to pursue a lawsuit as soon as possible. Most of the time, this is not the right route.

Eugene Personal Injury Attorneys Know When to Sue

The window to sue for a personal injury resulting from an auto accident is two years. Even filing one day after this window has expired will almost always result in the case being rejected. This does not mean it is wise to sue as soon as possible, however. There are many factors to consider, and only a qualified personal injury attorney like Veralrud and Fowler can tell you exactly the right time to start working to recover your damages.

Insurance Can Complicate Things

It’s a ubiquitous part of the car accident experience: the exchange of information. Most of the time, this is a cordial if slightly charged interaction… feelings can run high after even a minor fender bender. When the accident is more severe, the insurance experience becomes much more complicated.

Preliminary negotiations should be entered into with the insurance company before further action is pursued. The insurance companies of both parties typically try and handle this in-house as much as possible. It is only when the settlement offered by the injuring party’s insurance company is unsatisfactory or the liability limits of their coverage are too low to cover the full cost of medical liability that a lawsuit needs to be seriously considered. At this point, it’s time to work with your personal injury attorney to come up with a game plan.

Give it Time

Sometimes, what seems like a minor injury can present with major symptoms given enough time. Even though you do not want to miss your window to sue, you also do not want to jump the gun and sue before all the medical implications of any injury are clear. Taking action too soon can severely limit the amount of compensation won in the suit, especially if chronic conditions or degenerative injuries present themselves in time. Making the case that the results of an accident are life-altering and chronic demonstrates a much larger scope of damage than an injury that heals completely. This in turn requires a larger award to make you whole.

Personal Injury Lawyers Are The Key

Do not guess on the right time to sue. Do not miss your window of opportunity. Do not get sidetracked by insurance drama. Do not sue too soon before all the implications of your injuries are clear. With the help of Eugene personal injury lawyeres Veralrud and Fowler, you can make the smart decisions that will yield the compensation you deserve. If you are considering the right time to sue, call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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