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What Does My Eugene Personal Injury Lawyer Need to Know?

In order to properly represent you during the course of your personal injury lawsuit, your personal injury attorney must have access to many personal details about your life. This level of intimacy with a complete stranger is understandably awkward, but rest assured: your personal details are completely safe with your personal injury lawyer. Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality ensure your personal details stay personal. That being said, it is crucial to understand that failure to furnish important personal details may delay your verdict or outright invalidate your claim. Here are some things your should tell your personal injury lawyer:

“I have been sick or injured before.”

Disclosing prior medical issues, even if they don’t seem related to your claim, is the first step to determining possible damages. The ability to prove that your personal injury originated with the personal injury incident you are attempting to recover damages for begins with delineating which health issues emerged from the incident and which existed prior to it. The information a personal injury lawyer needs to know includes any prior injuries or illness, any mental illness issues, and any substance use or abuse issues that might be present.

“I have a criminal history.”

If you have a criminal history, your personal injury lawyer must be made aware of it. Criminal history does not disqualify you from recovering damages in a personal injury lawsuit, but the failure to disclose this information to your personal injury attorney could give the defense arguments which impugn your credibility in the eyes of the jury. Don’t leave your defense lawyer unprepared. With knowledge of your criminal history, they will be better equipped to argue your case.

“I have been divorced.”

Let your personal injury attorney know if you have been party to a divorce. If you had a less than wonderful break-up, your lawyer might want to take steps to prevent your spouse from taking the stand. The jury might not need to hear your former spouse’s opinions about you. If your spouse divorced you after the accident, this could be an important fact when determining damages in your case. If you are undergoing a divorce, your spouse might be entitled to a portion of your award. These are all very good reasons to let your personal injury lawyer if you are party to a divorce.

“I am on Medicaid or Medicare.”

Letting your personal injury lawyer know about your Medicaid or Medicare insurance will help them make the right decisions during insurance negotiations. Failure to disclose this information might stall your verdict considerably.

Eugene, Oregon Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are ready to bring your personal injury lawsuit, it’s time to call Eugene Oregon personal injury lawyers Veralrud and Fowler. Make sure you bring all relevant information to the table. Remember, your personal details are completely safe with a personal injury lawyer. If you are unsure about what your personal injury attorney requires, call Veralrud and Fowler today for a free consultation.

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