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Eugene Personal Injury Attorney: Car Accident Claim Quick Reference

What do I do after a car accident? It’s a question no one ever wants to have to ask. Nevertheless, sometimes accidents do happen. When the unfortunate occurs, the services of a Eugene personal injury attorney are invaluable. The experienced auto accident lawyers at Veralrud and Fowler have decades of combined experience in car accident lawsuits. They can help you get the compensation you deserve after an injury auto accident.

Vehicle Defects

Did you suffer an injury auto accident because of a manufacturer’s defect? Unintended acceleration and dysfunctional airbags have been all over the news lately. Everyone expects their new car will perform safely and reliably for years to come. When that is not the case, you need a car accident attorney. Follow the link to learn more about your rights when it comes to defective vehicles.

Mechanical Failure

Car repairs are supposed to fix a problem. Unfortunately, sometimes car repairs can become the problem. Car accidents caused by mechanical failures are unpredictable. Even when the technician repairing a vehicle thinks they are doing a good job, unanticipated problems may crop up. Follow the link to learn more about car accidents caused by bad repairs.

Parked Car Hit and Run

“My car was hit while parked. What can I do?” Whether you hit a parked car or parked a car that was later hit, Veralrud and Fowler offer important tips about about what to do next. Learn how to handle a parked car hit and run incident by following the link above.

Insurance Tips

Dealing with insurance companies can be a real drag. What every consumer must remember is this: every insurance representative you deal with is trying to save their company money. This means, by extension, that they are trying to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve. Follow the link to discover helpful tips for dealing with the insurance companies.

Minor Collisions

Major collisions can be a major pain in the back, both figuratively and literally! But what about minor collisions? Believe it or not, you can be injured in a minor car accident just as easily as you can be in a major car accident. If you have been in a minor collisions and you don’t know what to do next, follow the link for helpful hints.

When Should You Sue?

You have probably heard it said, “Timing is everything.” In personal injury lawsuits of all types, this is especially true. Filing a lawsuit too early can result in a situation where additional effects of the injury accident are still emerging after a settlement has been reached. Wait too long, and the statute of limitations will run out. Follow the link for lawsuit timing advice.

Car Accident FAQ

What do I do after I am in a car accident? What happens if the other driver is responsible for the accident but doesn’t have car insurance? What if I do not have car insurance and the accident is my fault? All the questions and more will be answered in the link above.

Injury Accidents

Car accident injuries can be devastating. Do not be caught off guard by the profound consequences of an on-road encounter. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, then the auto accident law insights in the link might start you on the road to recovery.

Pedestrian Hit By Car

Human beings are not designed to go toe-to-tire with motor vehicles. When the unspeakable does occur, pause for a moment to peruse the provided link for first steps and further actions to take.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

No matter what sort of auto injury accident you have been involved in, there are certain steps to take after any car accident. Check the link for more information.

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