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Eugene Criminal Lawyers Explain the Four Degrees of Criminal Assault Charges

Have you been charged with assault in the state of Oregon? If so, it’s time to hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. At Veralrud and Fowler we specialize in criminal defense and would be honored to go to work for you. Over the years we have defended countless clients facing assault charges and have found that few really understand the charges against them. Below we have outlined the four basic categories of assault in Oregon and the types of sentences they carry.

Oregon separates the many types of assault into four different degrees. Assault in the fourth degree, also known as assault four, is the least severe of the four degrees of assault. In order to be convicted of assault four the prosecution must prove that you caused some sort of physical injury to another person. The injury could be minor but it must cause pain and impair the victim’s physical condition. Usually assault four is a misdemeanor and will require only a short period in jail, probation, fines and an anger management class. If the assault took place in front of a minor it would be a class C felony and require more extensive jail time.

Assault in the third or assault 3 is a more serious charge. This form of assault can take form in several ways:

The alleged victim was ten years or younger.

A weapon was used to alleged injure the victim.

The assault was multi-person.

A person charged with a DUI that caused an injury to another driver could also be found guilty of assault three. This form of assault is a felony and will typically have a sentence of several weeks in jail, fines, probation and anger management classes. The Eugene lawyer you hire should have experience defending against this specific form of assault.

For someone to be found guilty of assault in the second degree or assault two it must be proven that they intentionally harmed the victim. In assault three and four it is only required that the prosecution prove the defendant acted recklessly but without intent. Assault two shows that the perpetrator set out to deliberately harm the victim. This is a felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of 70 months in prison. You will require the aid of an experienced Eugene lawyer.

Assault in the first degree or assault one is the most serious classification of assault. This assault charge can be given for several reasons:

The assault caused serious physical injury with the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon.

The alleged victim is a young child.

A driver that has already been convicted of three DUIs causes another accident due to intoxication that injures the driver or passengers in the other vehicle.

Assault one is a felony and a Measure 11 crime. Those who are found guilty of this form of assault face a mandatory minimum of 90 months in prison. If you are facing an assault one charge it is vital to have an Eugene criminal defense lawyer experienced in defending clients facing Measure 11 crimes.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Assault charges can be a frightening thing to face but know that you don’t have to walk this road alone. At Veralrud and Fowler we have successfully defended numerous clients facing assault charges and can do so for you. The Eugene criminal defense lawyer you hire can be the difference between a verdict of guilty or not guilty. Refuse to settle for subpar legal representation and call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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