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Eugene Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

“What do I do after a motorcycle accident?”

People only ask this question for two reasons. The first is pure curiosity. The second is because a person or someone they love has been in a motorcycle accident. In either case, knowing the right steps to take after a motorcycle accident will help you guarantee you are paid the compensation you are owed once it comes time to settle with the accident-causing motorist’s insurance company.

Before a Motorcycle Accident – Call A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Most motorcycle rides do not considering having a motorcycle accident attorney’s contact information available in case of an accident that important, but the fact is this: the sooner you can relay all the details of a motorcycle accident to your personal injury accident motorcycle lawyer, the sooner you can start to build your motorcycle accident lawsuit case. The fresher the information is in your mind, the more difficult it will be for the other party’s lawyers to call the accuracy of your story into question. If you are just now embarking on the motorcycle accident lawyer journey, waste no time calling skilled Eugene, Oregon accident lawyers Veralrud and Fowler today. They will help you get the motorcycle accident compensation you need.

First Things First… Protect Your Safety In A Motorcycle Accident

Before you even think of anything else, you need to consider your safety. Think the three S’s: SelfSituationSafety.


Are you okay? It is a good idea not to move after a motorcycle accident. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, especially if not moving interferes with the other two S’s. Take special care if you suspect any kind of head, neck, or spine injury, as even the smallest movements might cause irreparable damage.


The roadway is a dangerous place. If you have evaluated yourself and determined it is safe to move, the next step is removing yourself from the roadway. Any injuries caused by the accident will only be made worse if you get hit by another car. At this point, hopefully the other party in your accident has stopped to render aid. If they have not, try to catch a glimpse of them. Try to commit all their personal details to memory. This information could be very important later.


Maybe the other party did come back for you. Now that you have taken care of yourself and your situation, it’s time for your long-term safety. This is when it might be time to call the hospital, and at the same time, you personal injury accident lawyer. Time wasted between the initial accident and the first call to your personal injury motorcycle accident lawyer can lead to costly delays in compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Eugene, OR

When you are ready to call a motorcycle injury accident lawyer, chose Eugene, Oregon’s most committed legal team: Veralrud and Fowler. During your free consultation, they will evaluate the merits of your case and advise you whether they think it has merit. Remember, if you lose your motorcycle injury accident case, you will owe Veralrud and Fowler nothing. Call them today!

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