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Eugene, Oregon DUII Attorneys

In the state of Oregon, the mandatory minimum sentencing for a DUII is 2 days in jail or 80 hours of community service work, as well as a $1000 fine. (There is an additional $2000 fine if your BAC was 0.15% or higher.) There is also a required victim impact panel as well as alcohol treatment as part of probation. Most importantly, people who have been convicted of a DUII violation in Eugene, OR also face a suspended Oregon driver’s license for a year. If you have recently been charged with a DUII violation in Eugene, it would be in your best interest to talk to a Eugene criminal defense attorney.

Most first time DUII offenders will choose to go through the Oregon DUII diversion program which will avert the mandatory fines, jail time or community service as well as expunge the DUII from their record upon completion of the program. For more information on DUII diversion, please visit our Eugene, Oregon DUII Diversion page or call our Eugene criminal defense attorneys for a free phone consultation.

Repeat DUII Offenders

Repeat DUII offenders in Eugene, Oregon no longer have the option of enrolling in the diversion program and are required to pay the fines and choose between jail time or community service. The biggest impact of a DUII on your daily quality of life is from getting your license suspended. The first DUII offense will result in a one year license suspension. The second DUII offense will result in a 3 year suspension if it is your 2nd conviction within 5 years as well as the mandatory minimum sentencing of the first DUII (2 days in jail or 80 hours of community service work as well as a $1000 fine). A third DUII offense will result in a mandatory lifetime license suspension with no eligibility for a hardship permit. A fourth offense will result in a Class C felony under ORS 813.010(5)(a) if you have been convicted of 3 prior DUIIs within the past 10 years. A Felony DUII is categorized as a 6 on the sentencing grid. This means prison time if you have certain prior criminal offenses on your record.

eugene-oregon-criminal-defense-lawyer-97404-river-rdGoing to court for DUII charges can be a truly excruciating experience because so much is at stake. Having your Oregon driver’s license suspended can have a serious impact on your daily quality of life making it difficult to get to school, work or seek necessary medical help. Our attorneys at Veralrud & Fowler are Eugene criminal defense attorneys who have had many cases tried in DUII court. Our Eugene criminal defense attorneys can explain your situation, advise you of your best options, set expectations and can help you obtain a hardship permit in order to maintain your current quality of life.

Veralrud & Fowler’s Eugene criminal defense lawyers will help negotiate the best possible resolution for your case. DUII cases are often complex and can be difficult to fully comprehend without the proper Eugene criminal defense lawyers working to defend you from the prosecutor and any evidence the police officer who issued the DUII might have. The officer may report signs of impairment that he witnessed, which oftentimes include bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and swaying. The officer will also report the results of the field sobriety test he should have issued during the DUII sentencing. A Eugene, Oregon criminal defense attorney with a years of experience in DUII cases will be able to thoroughly review the case for any false information and properly defend you with their extensive knowledge in this area.

If you have any further questions about your DUII charge, call the Eugene criminal defense attorneys at Veralrud & Fowler for a free and 100% confidential phone consultation. Our motto is “less clients, better results.” We have built a successful Eugene criminal defense practice by doing what many other criminal defense attorneys fail to do- communicate with and educate our clients, prepare and plan better than the prosecutors, and get results. 

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