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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles introduce all kinds of complicated factors into determining who is fault for injury or property damage sustained during an accident. Use this helpful guide to see whether you are entitled to compensation due to a motorcycle accident.

Q: What kinds of claims can result from a motorcycle accident?

A: Just like an automobile, a motorcycle is a powerful machine with the potential to seriously harm its rider in an accident. Oregon law requires anyone riding a motorcycle or moped to wear a helmet, no matter whether they are the driver or the passenger. Oregon motorcycle riders are required to carry insurance just like automobile drivers. Failure to observe these laws may severely limit the amount of compensation paid on any motorcycle accident, or even make such a claim impossible.

That having been said, in many cases motorcycle accident liability is determined a way very similar to how fault is found in automobile accidents. Claims can result from being hit by a motorcycle as a pedestrian, being hit by a motorcycle or automobile while riding a motorcycle, or from mechanical failures which result in injury or death. Cases of this last sort might involve faulty repairs performed by a mechanic or manufacturer’s defects.

Q: What kinds of things might make my motorcycle accident claim more likely to be successful?

A: If you are making a claim over damaged property, personal injury, or death, it is important to take all the right steps from the beginning to ensure a successful case. One of the best things you can do is save the number of a qualified personal injury attorney such as Veralrud and Fowler directly into your phone. Obviously, it is important to make sure that everyone involved in the accident is either safe or receiving medical attention before calling your lawyer. After the safety needs of everyone involved have been addressed and all information has been exchanged, try to recall as best you can all the circumstances surrounding the accident. Have them in mind when you contact your attorneys. They are trained to listen to details that you might even miss when trying to remember the event later.

Q: What kinds of things might make my motorcycle accident claim less likely to be successful?

A: Obviously, carrying the proper insurance, wearing a helmet when required, and driving responsibly increase your chances of lodging a successful claim. There are a few other factors which might also effect findings in a motorcycle accident investigation. The first is proper vehicle maintenance. If you have worn-out tires in wet conditions, for instance, makes a good argument for apportioning fault toward you and away from other involved parties. The same goes for non-functional lights or other safety equipment, as well as mechanical problems that could adversely affect the riding experience (worn brakes, engine problems, and the like).

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than automobiles. The motorcycle and rider are exposed to the elements. There are no seatbelts. Often motorcycles can accelerate very aggressively. A skilled rider knows how to deal with these factors.  A smart rider knows that having the right attorney in the case of an accident can be the difference between being made whole and being saddled with massive liability.  Put Veralrud and Foster’s number  in your phone today. Be ready for anything. (541) 345-3333

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