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Eugene Personal Injury Attorneys – Know What to do After a Bike Accident

Were you hit by a car while riding your bicycle? If you have answered yes to this question you may be in need of a Eugene personal injury attorney. In most accidents involving a bicycle and car the bicyclist is injured. You have the right to be compensated for you injuries. At Veralrud and Fowler we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are fairly treated in the claims process and receive all that they are due. There are, however, some dos and don’ts surrounding these types of accidents. Below, we have outlined the steps you should take on scene of an accident and the things you should avoid doing all together.

The Do’s After a Bike Accident

If you haven’t been gravely injured in the accident it is crucial that you remain at the scene of the accident until police arrive. The police will file an official report and be able to confirm who is at fault for the accident. The report can later be used by your Eugene personal injury lawyer in the claims process to show that you were not at fault for the accident.

When the police are taking the report ensure that your side of the story is included. Often in accidents that occur between cyclists and vehicles the police fail to get the cyclist’s version of events and go entirely upon what the driver has said. If you do not require immediate medical attention after the accident be sure that the police record your version in the official report. Your side of events in the official police report can be valuable to your Eugene personal injury attorney in the claims process

Record the driver’s name and contact information including insurance.

If you are able after the accident has occurred take pictures of the scene of the accident. Skid marks, the damage to your bike and the car are all important to record and can be used later on to prove who is at fault for the accident. Should you be too injured to take pictures yourself, ask a witness to do this for you. Make sure to collect the contact information anyone who has witnessed the accident. Your Eugene personal injury lawyer may later call on them to provide testimony of the accident.

Make sure to be examined by a doctor and receive medical treatment as soon as possible. If you are seriously injured in the accident you will receive immediate treatment for your injuries. However, if your injuries were minor or you are unsure if you were injured at all go to a doctor as soon after the accident as possible. It is important that any injuries you have sustained are treated and evaluated by a medical professional. The record that the doctor keeps will be valuable to your personal injury lawyer in Eugene Oregon. It will prove that you were in fact injured and show the severity of the injury. Even if you believe you are completely uninjured from the accident see a doctor. Often injuries take time to present themselves and will only be initially caught by medical professional.

Take photos of your injuries as soon after the accident as you can. Continue to take pictures for several days after. Bruising can take several days to fully show up. Having a picture timeline of your injury will be further proof that you were injured and openly display the severity of the injury. Once again, this can be used as proof by your Eugene personal injury attorney.

The Don’ts After a Bike Accident

Do not attempt to negotiate with the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Often the driver will initially take responsibility for the accident and promise to pay for the damages only to back out of the agreement later on. When they realize how much damage they are responsible for they may begin to attempt to place fault on the cyclist. Allow the police to handle the driver of the car. They will take a report and ensure that both parties are given the correct contact and insurance information of the other. In many accidents the driver may give false information in order to avoid facing the consequences of the accident. Allowing the police to handle this will provide you with the correct contact information and provide you with an official report of the accident. Your personal injury lawyer in Eugene Oregon will be responsible for dealing with any further negotiations needed.

Do not communicate with the driver’s insurance company unless approved by your Eugene personal injury attorney. They will most likely ask for a recorded statement from you. Do not do this! They will distort what you say in the statement and twist it to place the fault on your shoulders. You are not legally required to provide a recorded statement and have the absolute right to refuse. Allow your Eugene personal injury attorney to handle the driver’s insurance company. They are well versed in the claims process and will keep from you from making mistakes common to these situations.

It is also important to note that you are more likely to receive a fair settlement outside of court if you have a skilled Eugene personal injury attorney on your side. The insurance company knows that the lawyer you have hired is aware of exactly what you are due and will fight to see that you receive it. Often the biggest mistake a victim of an accident can make is failing to hire an attorney. The insurance company knows that you are unfamiliar with the claims process and likely are unaware of all what you may receive compensation for. They will likely take advantage of this and refuse to provide you with the full amount you are owed.

Talk to a Eugene Injury Attorney

At Veralrud and Fowler we are committed to seeing that our clients are fairly and justly treated during the claims process. The Eugene personal injury attorney you hire from our firm will deal with the driver’s insurance company, thereby, taking that burden from your shoulders. We won’t allow them to cheat you out of the compensation you are due. Allow us to handle your case and call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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