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Defective Product FAQ

Were you injured in a by a dangerous or defective product? If so, it’s vital that you hire a qualified Eugene personal injury attorney to take on your case. At Veralrud and Fowler we have handled numerous dangerous and defective product cases and would be honored to serve you. Our attorneys are well versed in the laws surrounding defective product suits and can confidently and effectively represent you. Below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding defective and dangerous products and product liability suits.

What exactly is a defective products lawsuit in Eugene Oregon?

Defective product lawsuits, also known as product liability suits, are brought against the manufacturers and distributors of products that injured a consumer. When products go onto the market they are expected to be safe and able to function as they have been advertised. Instructions for use must be provided as well as warnings for any potentially harmful effects from using the product. If a manufacturer fails to meet these standards and you are injured you have the right to file a defective products suit against them. It’s crucial that you hire the most qualified personal injury lawyer Eugene Oregon has to offer for the success of your case.

Under what circumstances do I have the right to file a defective products lawsuit in Eugene?

There are three different types of defective product lawsuits:

Defective manufacture- a product or item is defectively manufactured and harms the consumer when used. Example: polluted batch of cold medicine that makes consumers sick when ingested.

Defective design-the design of the product is flawed and harms the consumer when used. These lawsuits are aimed at entire product lines instead batches of products that were improperly made. Example: a specific car line is prone to rolling when taking sharp corners. The design of the product is flawed, and therefore, each one that is produced is dangerous or defective.

Failure to label product with warnings and instructions-manufacturers are required to provide instructions for the use of their products. They are also must provide warnings for any inherent risks that occur when using the product. Example: cold medicine that causes drowsiness and was not labeled correctly, over the counter aspirin that fails to instruct the user not to consume alcohol when using the product.

What do I need to prove in order to win a defective products lawsuit in Eugene Oregon?

In Order to win a defective products lawsuit in Oregon you must prove the four things:

  • You were injured or suffered another kind of loss
  • The product that harmed you is in fact defective
  • You were correctly using the product and that the product has not been significantly modified from its original state
  • The dangerous and defective product was the cause of your injury

The Eugene personal injury attorney you hire will be responsible for presenting the court with proof that your defective products lawsuit meets these four conditions.

What can I be compensated for in a defective products lawsuit in Eugene, Oregon?

You have the right to receive compensation for your economic losses such as medical bills, property damage and lost wages. The non-economic losses you suffer can also be compensated for. A common form of non-economic loss in the pain and suffering you endured from your injury.

Having a qualified Eugene personal injury attorney on your side is vital to the success of you defective products lawsuit. At Veralrud and Fowler we have the experience and knowledge needed to handle your unique case. The Eugene personal injury lawyer you hire from our firm will fight tirelessly to see that you are fairly compensated for all that you have suffered. Call Veralrud and Fowler today and gain an advocate in your legal process.

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