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New Laws in Oregon 2017

Just like most years, 2017 marks the beginning for a number of different laws. Oregon has long been viewed as a legal bellwether; the decisions made here tend to set the pace for the rest of the country. Though most of the new laws taking effect in 2017 effected only specialized sectors of the Oregon population, their effects will touch all Oregonians.

Sky Lantern Law

No longer will Oregonians be able to ring in their favorite festive event with a fire-powered party favor. As of January 1st, sky lanterns are illegal in Oregon. Officials cite the fact that a sky lantern is a flying ball of paper will a candle inside as justification for the ban. It turns out, coupled with dry conditions in the state, flying paper balls with candles inside of them are a forest fire risk.

Sex Traffickers

In contrast to the relatively harmless paper lanterns, sex trafficking is a big deal all up and down the I-5 corridor. Pimps and other traffickers used to skirt prosecution by accepting drugs or services instead of cash money as payment for their trafficking services. As of January first, that is no longer an exploitable loophole.

Better Brewery Business Rules

In an effort to continue Oregon’s rise in the craft brewing and distilling world, the Oregon legislature has decided to lift some restrictions governing where and when a brewery, winery, or distillery can sell their products. Now, many of these signature Oregon institutions will offer tastings on site.

Criminal Impersonation

A new criminal impersonation law means it is now a crime to impersonate someone in order to intimidate, harass, or physically harm them. While it might surprise some people that this wasn’t a crime before, they must realize the law is a constantly evolving and expanding entity.

Veterans and Medical Marijuana

Veterans make up a substantial proportion of people benefiting from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). Thanks to regulations taking effect this year, Oregon veterans holding an OMMP card will no longer be required to undergo annual physicals to maintain their medical marijuana status.

Social Media After Death

How to deal with social media accounts after the death of the account-holder is a problem so far unique to the 21st century. We cannot blame the Oregon legislature for taking such a long time enacting this legislation; they are actually ahead of the curve compared to most of the rest of the country.

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