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Eugene, Oregon ER Medical Malpractice Info

Were you treated in a Eugene, Oregon emergency room and injured in the process? If your answer was yes it’s time that you hire a qualified Eugene medical malpractice attorney. At Veralrud and Fowler we have handled numerous medical malpractice cases and would be honored to represent you. Our Eugene lawyers have the experience necessary to handle your unique medical malpractice lawsuit. We understand how serious these cases are and will go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the compensation you are due. The Eugene medical malpractice attorney you hire from our firm will work tirelessly to see that you are fairly represented.

Emergency Room Doctors

The doctors who work in emergency rooms have to be well versed in all types of injuries, traumas and illnesses. It is their job to diagnose the people who come into the ER for treatment. In order to do this they will likely need to perform a series of tests to determine the type of injury or illness. Some patients will need to be treated by a specialist. It is the job of the ER doctors to determine when a specialist is needed to treat a particular patient and refer them to said specialist in a timely manner. Failure to act expediently may further injury and even result in death. This would be a form of medical malpractice worthy of a malpractice lawsuit.

Examples of Emergency Room Medical Malpractice

There are several ways in which medical malpractice can occur in an emergency room.  Refusing to treat a patient due to their medical coverage or lack thereof would be classified as medical malpractice. Medicare and Medicaid both have low reimbursement rates and those who have no insurance may be unable to pay for the treatment they receive. Regardless of the amount of reimbursement the ER may receive, even if none at all, they are required to treat those who come through their doors.

Discharging a patient before they are medically stable would be another form of medical malpractice. ER doctors are required to stabilize patients before they are released. In some cases they may have to be transferred to another medical facility for further treatment. Releasing a patient before they have stabilized or failing to transfer them to another facility for recovery is clear cut negligence.

Failing to perform the necessary testing to determine illness or injury is another form of medical malpractice. Some patients may require extensive testing in order to provide a differential diagnosis. Differential diagnosis is, through testing, identifying the problem through a series of illumination. Often ER doctors are pressured to cut costs by not ordering more expensive testing to be performed such as MRIs, CAT scans, or blood count tests. Cutting cost cannot be the primary objective of the doctor. It is their responsibility to order the tests necessary, no matter how expensive, to determine the illness or injury. Failing to do so is medical malpractice.

Dedicated Eugene Medical Malpractice Attorneys

At Veralrud and Fowler we can provide you with the best Eugene medical malpractice attorney. Our Eugene lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your unique medical malpractice lawsuit. We will consult with medical experts who specialize in the injury or illness you suffered to determine where the doctor who treated you went wrong and then build your medical malpractice lawsuit. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with accurate and knowledgeable representation in order that you receive the compensation you are due. Hire only the best Eugene medical malpractice attorney by calling Veralrud and Fowler today.

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