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Eugene Criminal Attorneys Explain What to Expect for Post Conviction Proceedings

Were you convicted of a crime and are unsure what your options are? If yes, it’s time to consult with a Eugene criminal defense attorney immediately. Conviction is not the end of the line; there are numerous post-conviction proceedings that can affect your sentence. Whether they shorten your sentence or eliminate it all together having qualified Eugene lawyers on your side is invaluable.

You have the right to an attorney for several of these proceedings but not all. If you are unable to hire a lawyer in many situations you have the right to have one provided for you even after you are convicted. Should you be unable to pay for a Eugene lawyer you may have a court appointed attorney take you through these proceedings. It is crucial that you understand which post-conviction actions you have the ability to have a court appointed attorney for.

Post-Conviction Proceedings When A Court Appointed Attorney Will Be Provided

Sentencing – This is the process where the court will decide the punishment or sentence the defendant will face. This occurs after the defendant has already been determined guilty. This is an essential part of the legal process, and therefore, anyone facing sentencing is entitled to a court appointed attorney should they be unable to pay for their own Eugene criminal defense attorney.

The First Right of Appeal – In many states the defendant has the right to appeal after they have been convicted with the aid of a court appointed attorney. Not every state will provide you with an attorney for your first appeal. Having a qualified Eugene lawyer on your side is essential to the first appeal process.

Review of the Effectiveness of Defense Counsel – Under the sixth amendment all defendants have the right to competent counsel as their defense. Should a defendant claim that their attorney was ineffective they will be granted a new court appointed attorney to represent them through this review process. If it is proven that the attorney used previously was incompetent their guilty verdict could be overturned.

Post-Conviction Proceedings When the Defendant is Not Entitled to a Court Appointed Attorney

Retrial – If the court made a grievous mistake in the trial process the defendant has the right to request a retrial. However, a court appointed attorney will not be granted to them. They will have to hire their own Eugene criminal defense attorney.

Parole Hearings – In a parole hearing a panel of several judges will determine if the prisoner qualifies for parole. A prisoner has the right to have an attorney present but they must hire their own Eugene lawyer for this hearing process.

Expungement – In an expungement preceding a convict can seek to have the record of their sentence and conviction erased. While a convict has the right to seek an expungement a court appointed attorney will not be provided for them. They will be required to hire their own Eugene criminal defense lawyer.

Think About Hiring an Eugene Defense Attorney

These are only a few examples of the types of post-conviction proceedings. At Veralrud and Fowler we will fight relentlessly to see that you are fairly represented even after you have been convicted. The Eugene criminal defense attorney you hire from our firm will ensure that you receive the legal representation you are due and seek to reduce your sentence as much as possible. Refuse to face your post-conviction processes alone and call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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