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Eugene, Oregon 97401 – Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Instances of domestic violence in Oregon can be a truly harrowing and painful experience for all parties involved. Oregon domestic violence laws exist in order to protect victims of such situations and give them protection as well as a means to break the cycle of abuse. But because of the complex nature of domestic violence laws in Oregon, these laws have also caused many to be wrongfully accused or convicted of crimes that they never committed. In addition to the social stigma of domestic violence accusations, the wrongfully accused often face injustices like being separated from their children or having firearm and hunting restrictions imposed on them.
eugene-oregon-criminal-defense-attorneys-97401-city-centerMost false accusations in Oregon domestic abuse cases are derived from exaggerated or even purely made-up claims of violence by the accuser. Our Eugene criminal defense attorneys have observed that in many of these cases, the accuser will often claim memory problems as a result of head trauma or being knocked out or choked out, making it easier to continue the lies until the case is resolved.

Being accused of committing domestic abuse in Oregon is a stressful and heartbreaking experience. Many times, your friends and family will think the worst of you and the people who you count on for support won’t have your back anymore. That’s why it is important to talk to a Eugene, OR criminal defense attorney. If you are being wrongfully accused of domestic violence, having an experienced Eugene criminal defense lawyer who has dealt with countless similar cases can help you stay as protected as possible ensure that you receive the justice and due process that you deserve.

Here at Veralrud & Fowler, our Eugene criminal defense lawyers know that you are innocent until proven guilty. It is on the responsibility state of Oregon to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you have committed a crime. Our criminal defense attorneys in Eugene will thoroughly investigate any evidence or witnesses brought up by the state expertly and aggressively. This will ensure that any false accusations will be brought to light without incriminating our clients.
Here are some common domestic violence charges that our attorneys deal with on a regular basis:

  • Harassment: Offensively touching with the intent to harass or annoy
  • Coercion: Forcing someone to do something against their will
  • Kidnapping: Moving someone from one place to another without their consent
  • Assault 4: Causing substantial pain or impairment to someone’s physical condition.

Call our Eugene criminal defense team at Veralrud & Fowler today for a confidential and free phone consultation if you need help with a Eugene, OR domestic violence case. An experienced Eugene criminal defense attorney can discuss your situation, answer some of your questions, explore your options, and make sure that you are protected as much as possible under the law.

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