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Oregon Cannabis Law News February 2017

Here at Veralrud and Fowler, we strive to keep abreadst of all the new developments throughout the legal world. Of particular notice to Oregonians is developments in our still relatively new marijuana law. For the sake of our many satisfied clients and the community at large, we will be providing regular updates on important Oregon cannabis law developments. Remember, when the cannabis law has become confusing, turn to a trusted cannabis criminal defense lawyer like Eugene, Oregon’s Veralrud and Fowler. They have the up-to-the-minute information you need to successfully lodge a criminal cannabis defense.

Caught With Cannabis At Work?

It is an all-too-common situation in post-prohibition America: rules that made sense under prohibition end up making the post-prohibition world unnecessarily risky. We are sad to report that at this point in Oregon history, you have very little recourse if your employer chooses to fire you for off-duty cannabis use. Of course, nothing is impossible. If it can be proven, for instance, that the firing was malicious and not actually based on the stated reason, for instance, you might have legal standing. But for the most part, being fired for of-duty marijuana smoking continues to be a risk.

Oregon Senate Bill 301: A Call for Sanity

Thankfully, the Oregon legislature recognizes the innate hypocrisy of legalizing a substance only to have its use continue to be disallowed under anachronistic employment policies. The entire point of ending prohibition was removing the primary social sanctions discouraging its use – financial penalties and time in custody. Supporters of Senate Bill 301 reason that consuming cannabis should be about as socially risky as drinking alcohol, which is to say, not entirely risk-free but certainly not damning in the manner it currently it in some workplaces.

Senate Bill 301: Cleverly Amending Existing Language

Strictly speaking, Senate Bill 301 is not a cannabis-related bill. In fact, it does not mention marijuana or cannabis at all. Instead, Senate Bill simply seeks to amend existing Oregon statute preventing an employer from firing an employee for smoking tobacco products to include not just tobacco but any substance legal to consume in Oregon.

Not Just a Blank Check

Under the provisions of Senate Bill 301, an employee could still fire you if the consumption of cannabis products during off-duty hours interfered with the basic function of your job, or when off-duty consumption resulted in impairment. These provisions seem to cover what is reasonable while leaving room for the full implications of legalized cannabis to play out. What is for certain is this: Oregon’s legislators are among the busiest in the nation, and are sure to become even more busy with the flood of policy-makers from newly-legalized states travelling to Oregon to witness the progress of our legalized cannabis program.

Oregon Marijuana Lawyer – Criminal Defense

Just because House Bill 301 has not passed yet does not mean your are defenseless in the case of termination based on marijuana use. Veralrud and Fowler are Eugene, Oregon defense attorneys with decades of combined experience. They are more than happy to provide you with a free consultation to see if your case has merit. Call them today and see how they can help your Oregon cannabis legal situation.

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