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Eugene Car Accident Lawyer: Personal Injury Protection Insurance

When you need a Eugene car accident lawyer, chances are things have gone wrong. In these cases, the minutiae of insurance payouts are the last thing you should be worrying about. Hiring a Eugene car accident lawyer from acclaimed Eugene law firm Veralrud and Fowler will help you take advantage of new personal injury protection (PIP) insurance laws designed to benefit the consumer. Do not enter into personal injury protection insurance negotiations with your insurance company or a third party without first consulting an experienced auto accident attorney at Eugene’s own automotive personal injury law firm Veralrud and Fowler.

How Can a Eugene Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Knowing the intricacies of automotive personal injury law sets Veralrud and Fowler apart from Eugene law firms with less experience. Personal injury protection insurance expertise comes with the territory. When you are involved in an accident which precipitates a personal injury protection insurance claim, it helps to have a handle of the state of the art.

New Personal Injury Protection Insurance Laws

Enacted in 2016, the suite of policy revisions and legal regulatory frameworks collectively known as the “PIP Make Whole Rule” puts the consumer at the front of the line for personal injury protection insurance protection. In the past, those involved in a personal injury accident that qualified for a PIP claim had to pay off their insurance companies for unanticipated fees involved in the accident before they ever saw any benefits of their PIP insurance protection.

The PIP Make Whole Rule

The PIP Make Whole Rule switches this priority around. Now the consumer can expect to receive the lion’s share of their personal injury protection insurance compensation rather than see it go to the insurance company. Before the PIP Make Whole Rule, insurance companies could dip into personal injury insurance awards to make up for unanticipated expenses. Even though the regulations have changed, do not expect an easy ride when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. You still need a Eugene auto injury lawyer.

More Time to Make a Personal Injury Protection Insurance Claim

Another major benefit to the new Personal Injury Protection rules is an extension of the personal injury compensation time frame from twelve to twenty-four months. This is important because the full ramifications of an auto injury accident can take a long time to crop up. If surgery or other invasive procedures are required to mitigate an auto accident injury, recovery times and outcomes need to be taken into account. Two years is much closer to the amount of time necessary to determine the full extent of auto accident damages than was the previous one year. 

Eugene Car Accident Lawyer: Personal Injury Protection Insurance Policy

A Eugene car accident lawyer from Eugene law firm Veralrud and Fowler is waiting to help you with your personal injury protection insurance case. Their knowledge of current law will ensure you receive the personal injury protection insurance protection you deserve. Do not be off guard when diligence matters the most. Go with a name you can trust. Call Veralrud and Fowler today for a free consultation.

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