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Eugene, Oregon Unemployment Fraud Defense Lawyer

Anyone who has ever been forced to rely on unemployment benefits for their everyday needs knows how difficult and convoluted the unemployment system is. Appointments, lines, documents, job searches… it seems like there is no end to the requirements necessary to benefit from and maintain unemployment insurance benefits. Even when honest people try their best, there can be problems with this complex and sometimes confusing process. What seem like minor details can evolve into major problems, seemingly without warning. What used to be your lifeline can all the sudden become a noose around your neck. If you have been falsely accused of unemployment insurance fraud, you need the expert council of Eugene, Oregon criminal defense lawyers Veralrud and Fowler. They will work for you when the system starts working against you.

Eugene Criminal Defense Attorneys – Fraud?

Because of the way lawmakers designed it, the unemployment system can sometimes be cold and merciless. It is put together with certain inputs and outputs in mind. When it does not receive information or action it requires on the part of the claimant, certain processes automatically occur. Before you know it, you are being served with a summons to appear in court. Few people even have to make too many decisions in the course of this process. It runs on the rules, no matter how mechanical and inhuman those rules might be. This process can sweep perfectly innocent people up in a nightmare of fines and fees and demands for return of funds. The only thing to do when you are accused of unemployment fraud is contact a criminal defense attorney. They will seek to show that you lacked intent to commit insurance fraud, or that there is a lack of evidence which would implicate you.

Lack of Intent

In order for the state to convict you of insurance fraud, they must prove criminal intent. This means they must demonstrate that you intentionally defrauded the unemployment insurance system, by falsifying documents for example. Your Eugene criminal defense attorney will stand up for your integrity in court. They will help you prove that you tried your best to do what was required by law.

Lack of Evidence

Just like any other criminal proceeding, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed insurance fraud. This means they must present sufficient evidence to show where and how the fraud occurred. Without sufficient evidence, it is very difficult to convince a jury that a claimant was attempting to commit unemployment insurance fraud. A good criminal defense lawyer will try to show that the state’s evidence is insufficient to demonstrate criminal intent.

Eugene Defense Lawyers: Help When You Need It

If you receive notice that you are being brought up on unemployment insurance fraud charges, do not wait to contact a Eugene defense attorney. They will protect you from wrongful prosecution. When a system designed to help hurts, call Veralrud and Fowler. With their years of experience, they can mount an effective defense in your unemployment insurance fraud case.

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