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Parked Car Hit-and-Run

Sometimes, we make decisions we later regret. Other times, we get accused of things we didn’t do. Still other times, something happens and we can’t quite figure out what happens. When you are talking parked car hit-and-run accidents, you are talking about one of the most confusing and distressing surprises a person can receive. Whether you have caused a parked car hit-and-run accident, been a victim of one, or been falsely accused of causing one, you need the help of experienced Eugene Attorneys to guide you in the right direction. Don’y let an unfortunate accident balloon into something much more serious.

Hit a parked car near Eugene, Oregon?

You’re driving at night. It’s pouring rain, the wind is kicking up, and visibility is severally limited. Winding through the narrow streets south of Matthew Knight Arena, you are exercising all due caution, when suddenly a bicyclist comes to a screeching halt in front of you. You don’t really swerve, but you flinch. Unfortunately, when you flinch, you hear an awful metal-on-metal noise and feel a shudder roll through your car. “It probably isn’t that bad,” you tell yourself, pulling over. But when you get out and see the damage, you realize it’s worse than you thought. Now what?

Call an auto accident attorney!

Everyone should have an attorney saved in their phones for emergencies. By the very nature of accidents, you can never tell when one is going to happen. When the unfortunate does occur, be prepared to contact an attorney with every possible detail you can remember about the scene and situation. Even if it is late at night and you have to leave a voicemail, it will be worth it to make sure you have a record of your testimony. Oregon law requires you attempt to find the owner of the damaged vehicle. If that fails, leave a note.

I forgot to leave my information…

So, let’s say that your forgot to call your attorney and you also forgot to leave your contact information on the vehicle you collided with. Maybe it was really rainy outside. Maybe you were really late. Maybe you didn’t think the accident was really serious. Unfortunately, whatever happened, by leaving the scene of the accident without leaving your information, you have committed a hit-and-run offense.

Get help from an auto accident attorney!

While you can’t go back in time and leave a note, it’s never too late to call an Oregon auto accident attorney when you are involved in a hit-and-run accident. Oregon auto accident attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have been handling these sorts of cases for years. In Oregon, hit-and-run is a misdeanor charge carrying a penalty of up to a year in jail and up to a $6250 fine. With the help of an auto accident attorney, you can escape the most serious consequences of a hit-and-run charge.

Call Eugene attorneys Veralrud and Fowler

A hit-and-run accident can be scary and stressful. Being arrested and brought into court on hit-and-run charges without your lawyer is even worse. Don’t wait. Call Veralrud and Fowler today. They will help you solve your hit-and-run accident problems.

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