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Eugene, Oregon Criminal Attorneys – Resisting Arrest Charge

Have you or a loved one been charged with resisting arrest? If so, it’s time that you hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. At Veralrud and Fowler we will work tirelessly to see that you are fairly and justly treated by the criminal justice system. We have years of experience successfully handling cases involving resisting arrest charges. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding resisting arrest charges.

How does the justice system define resisting arrest in Oregon?

The justice system defines resisting arrest as a person interfering in law enforcements attempt to place them under lawful arrest. There are two separate categories of resisting arrest: misdemeanor and felony. Misdemeanor resisting arrest can be simply attempting to run and hide from police. No violence or true force was used against a law enforcement officer in misdemeanor resisting arrest. Felony resisting arrest is where force or violence is used against the arresting officer in order to evade arrest. Becoming violent with law enforcement is serious, and therefore, categorized as a felony and dealt with more harshly.

If you are being accused of resisting arrest, whether felony or misdemeanor, it’s time to hire a qualified Eugene criminal defense lawyer. At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly provide you with a Eugene attorney experienced defending clients facing resisting arrest charges. Know your rights as a criminal defendant. 

What will they need to prove in order to convict me of resisting arrest in Eugene Oregon?

In order for you to be justly convicted of resisting arrest the prosecution must prove that you intentionally sought to evade arrest. A conviction of misdemeanor arrest only requires that you knowingly attempted to elude law enforcement and not that any force or violence was used. In order for the prosecution to prove that you are guilty of felony resisting arrest they will need to prove that you became violent with law enforcement officers in your attempts to avoid arrest. With either charge, the prosecution must also prove that the officers involved in the arrest were acting lawfully. If they were attempting to arrest you under false pretenses your case could be thrown out.

These charges are serious and require the aid of a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. The Eugene attorney you hire can be the difference between a verdict of guilty or not guilty. At Veralrud and Fowler we can provide you a Eugene lawyer qualified to defend you.

What type of criminal defense can I use against the charge of resisting arrest?

The types of defense used for resisting arrest charges are as unique as the individual cases themselves. However, there are two defenses commonly used for resisting arrest charges, self-defense and unlawful arrest. If you believe that the force the officers were using to arrest you was too great, and therefore unlawful, you can claim self-defense. You legally have the right to protect yourself from harm. Law enforcement officials are required to use only reasonable force when placing a suspect under arrest. If you believe the officers in charge of your arrest used unreasonable force inform your Eugene lawyer. You may be able to claim of self-defense.

Unlawful arrest is an arrest that is not authorized. It is unlawful for an officer to place you under arrest without cause. They must have a court order or sufficient proof that you have committed a crime. If you were placed under arrest without just cause then your Eugene attorney should seek a defense of unlawful arrest.

The consequences surrounding evading arrest charges can be especially severe. If you are being charged with evading arrest you need a qualified Eugene criminal defense lawyer. At Veralrud and Fowler we have successfully defended numerous clients against these charges and would be honored to do so for you. We will gladly provide you with a qualified attorney in Eugene Oregon to defend you. Call Veralrud and Fowler today and rest easy knowing you have the best Eugene criminal defense lawyer working for you.

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