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Eugene Injury Attorney: Dog Bite Lawyer

When you are looking for a dog bite lawyer in Eugene, Oregon, look no further than Eugene injury attorney Veralrud and Fowler. Thanks to Oregon’s atypical dog bite liability framework, it pays to find a local attorney who will help you get the most out of your dog bite claim. Do not settle for less than the real impact of your dog bite injury. Make finding an experienced Eugene injury attorney your top priority today. 

When your Need A Eugene Injury Attorney For A Dog Bite

Is your dog bite injury sufficiently grievous to prompt a dog bite lawsuit in Oregon? You really need to give this question some serious thought, because in Oregon dog owners can only be held liable for “economic damages” arising from the dog bite. That means if you want to try and assert some “emotional harm” claim from a dog attack, you will likely be out of luck.

Suing For a Dog Bite

If you or someone you care about is bitten by a dog, it’s a normal reaction to get emotional. After all, dog bites are painful and in many cases, disfiguring. Being on the receiving end of a dog bite attack can also inflict life-long emotional trauma. For many dog mauling victims, the very sight of a dog is enough to set them into a panic. In Oregon, this psychological trauma is not taken into consideration when determining a dog attack lawsuit pay-out. It is not this way in many other states. Oregon is fairly unique in this respect. That’s why it pays to hire a Eugene, Oregon personal injury attorney like Veralrud and Fowler when you experience a dog attack. They know their way around Oregon law. Having practiced law in the area for more than a decade, Veralrud and Fowler have the experience and attention to detail needed to solve your dog attack problem.

Why Are Dog Attacks So Gruesome?

Many factors influence the severity of a dog attack. As many people have experienced, the size of the dog does not necessarily correlate with the severity of injury inflicted. Even very small dogs can have remarkably sharp teeth and great bite strength. Obviously, larger dogs come with larger muscles and larger muscles, and the injuries they can inflict, especially is groups, is worth avoiding at all costs. Everyone knows it’s a dangerous thing to taunt a dog, and smart people realize that you should never approach an unfamiliar animal without the utmost caution. Failing to exercise this caution can lead directly to a horrifying and expensive dog attack.

The size of the dog is not the only thing that influences the severity of a dog attack. The breed of dog is also important to consider. Many dogs, especially the so-called working breeds, were bred for hundreds or even thousands of years to do certain tasks. Some of these working breeds, such as the bull terrier and pit bull, were bred especially to bring down animals several times their own size. When you realize that these breeds can weigh as much as a human, you begin to see how dangerous an encounter with them can be. Pit bulls in particular, though comprising a tiny percentage of all the dogs owned in the United States, commit the majority of dog attacks in the country. It is not unusual for a pit bull attack to result in life-changing injury or even death. Again, it incredibly important to exercise caution around all breeds of dog. Their wolf ancestors were big-game predators, and even the smallest and most adorable puppy carries that genetic legacy. The responsible human knows that a stranger dog could very well be a dangerous dog.

The health of an animal involved in a dog bite incident is something people rarely think about, but it might be the most important factor of all. Many people have heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth, but like most generalizations, this “fact” is both generally true and generally untrue. The microbiome of a dog’s mouth contains different bacteria than one might find in a human’s mouth. Truth be told, being bit by a human is much more risky as far as acquiring an infection goes than being bit by a dog. That having been said, diseased or unhealthy dogs with compromised immune systems can host several species of dangerous pathogenic bacteria. Never let a dog bite go untreated, and never fail to contact a personal injury attorney if you have been bitten by a dog.

Since dog bites are fairly common, most personal injury attorneys are fairly adept at handling dog attack lawsuits. The brilliant personal injury lawyers at Veralrud and Fowler have the skills and experience to lead you through the entire dog bite lawsuit process. They will help you determine when the right time to sue is, and help you figure out just how much your dog bite injury has cost you.

Timing is everything when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit. Start the process too soon, and you may miss out on many of the consequences of the injury incident. Often, the full health effects of a injury do not appear for months or even years after the initial event. Start the process too late, and you may miss the statute of limitations and render your entire case a mute point. That’s why Eugene, Oregon personal injury lawyers Veralrud and Fowler take the time to evaluate just when the right time to start the lawsuit process will be.

Determining an appropriate award in a dog bite lawsuit can also be exceptionally tricky. Since emotional damages do not apply in Oregon dog bite injury cases, the calculations used to determine an award necessarily involve pure financial damages. Of course, this is more complicated than simply multiplying lost hours by an hourly wage and calling it good. Depending on the severity of the injury, you might face years or even a lifetime of lost productivity. This is more than the typical lay person is prepared to price out. Veralrud and Fowler’s masterful legal team knows, and will rush in to fill the gap in their clients’ experience. In a personal injury lawsuit, the relationship attorneys develop with their clients is more than just skin deep. It is a relationship of deep and abiding trust and responsibility that runs both ways. If you have experienced a dog bite attack in Eugene, Oregon, Veralrud and Fowler is waiting to take up you cause and fight for justice.

The Oregon Dog Bite Silver Lining

Unfortunately, there are no provisions in Oregon law for recovering damages based on emotional damages. Luckily, is is relatively simple to establish liability for real economic damages arising from a dog attack such as medical bills, possible lost wages, and more. The typical dog attack victim cannot determine the full extent of these damages on their own. That takes the expertise of an experienced Oregon dog attack attorney like those found at Eugene law firm Veralrud and Fowler. The talented dog accident lawyers at Veralrud and Fowler will walk you through the compensation picture you situation paints, filling in the landscape of your situation with details only an experienced dog attack lawyer can understand.

Is It Hard To Sue For A Dog Injury In Oregon?

Is it hard to sue for a dog injury in Oregon? In a word, “no.” In fact, thanks to Oregon’s unique dog bite attack law, you can be sure that your injuries will not go uncompensated; the question revolves around the extent to which a dog owner can be held liable for their dog’s biting injury. This sort of question takes the expertise of a personal injury attorney to suss out.

Eugene Injury Attorney: Dog Attack Attorney

Now that you know a little more about dog attacks in Eugene, Oregon, you know that the next step is calling a Eugene, Oregon dog attack lawyer at the Veralrud and Fowler law firm. Without a free consultation with a Eugene injury lawyer, you might never be able to determine the full amount of compensation you are owed. Remember, the dog owner might also be retaining a lawyer, especially if they really like their dog. In the state of Oregon, a dangerous dog can be subject to destruction especially if involved in serial violence. Protect future victim from the ravages of dangerous dogs, and get justice for your personal injuries. The Eugene injury lawyer knowledge at Veralrud and Fowler is second to none, guaranteeing you quality you should expect from a Eugene injury lawyer.

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