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Can a Eugene Defense Attorney Help Me Avoid Getting Arrested on a Misdemeanor Warrant?

There is a myriad of reasons why someone might have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant: unpaid traffic tickets, missing court, and a variety of other legal difficulties can lead to being arrested without warning. Even good, conscientious people miss little things sometimes. The good news is that Eugene criminal defense attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have tips to help you avoid the consequences of an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

Without a Eugene Criminal Lawyer, a Misdemeanor Warrant Can Be Costly

What are the costs associated with being arrested? Obviously, no one ever tries to be put into jail awaiting trial. It is costly, not only in terms of time spent incarcerated but also in lost work, not to mention having to explain to your friends, family, and co-workers how you ended up in custody. Eugene defense lawyers Veralrud and Foster can help you clear your name, avoid jail, and have the sort of life you deserve.

Get Your Case Heard as Soon as Possible

The most common misdemeanor warrant a person is likely to face results from failure to appear in court. Sometimes, this can be a complete accident. People forget things all the time. The good news is that with the help of a criminal defense attorney, you can get your trial heard and your warrant revoked with few if any adverse consequences.

The point of the court issuing a misdemeanor warrant is prompting you to appear in court. They do this because some people believe they can evade answering their accusers indefinitely. Competent defense lawyers would advise against this course of action. When you have the representation of a criminal defense lawyer, the chances of being found innocent of charges lodged against you increases substantially. Typically, the court will recall your warrant once you make a personal appearance before a judge. Remember, what they really want is for you to appear. You can appear without fear with Veralrud and Fowler, knowing your case is being handled by world-class defense lawyers.

Eugene Defense Lawyers Say Driving With a Warrant is Dangerous

If you are pulled over for any reason while you are under a warrant, the police have every right to arrest you and impound your vehicle. Not only will you pay a price in lost time and wages, you will also pay a substantial fee to get your vehicle out of impound. Often, these fees can exceed four hundred dollars or more, and that is before any fines for traffic violations are assessed.

Driving with a warrant is also dangerous because it is one of the few times that police officers are allowed to inquire about your legal status without a pre-existing arrest warrant. If you have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, you should avoid driving at all costs, even if your misdemeanor warrant has nothing to do with driving. Stay off the road until you have appeared before the court in person.

Eugene criminal defense lawyers Veralrud and Foster can help you avoid getting arrested on a misdemeanor warrant. More importantly, they can be there by your side once you appear in court. Call Veralrud and Foster today.

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