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Mental Health and Criminal Defense Attorneys

We have all seen the “insanity defense” lampooned in movies and on televisions. For those who live with mental illness or their loved ones, the legal mistreatment of the mentally ill is no joke. For those law enforcement officers who must deal with mentally ill people in crisis, the same is true. All too often, people suffering from mental illnesses get swept up into the legal system. A lack of adequate care typically leads to further degeneration of a mentally ill person’s mindset and faculties. This can set into a motion a vicious cycle of incarceration, release, and re-offense that might last the rest of their life. If you or someone you love believes that their mental illness requires treatment rather than incarceration, it’s time to call Eugene criminal defense attorneys Veralrud and Fowler for a consultation.

Startling Figures from Eugene Defense Lawyers

If there was ever any question about the legal status of people suffering from mental illness in this country, consider these troubling facts: 2 million mentally ill people are booked into jails every year, often because they could not understand or follow the instructions issued by law enforcement officers due to their illness. Between fifteen to thirty percent of inmates booked into jails every year suffer from mental illness. The vast majority of mentally ill inmates are serving time for non-violent, and often minor infractions. Of those experiencing mental illness, 83% will not receive any form of treatment. The status of people with mental illness in our legal system is national scandal.

Getting Help When You Need It

If you or a family member suffer from mental illness which has contributed to legal troubles, calling a Eugene criminal defense attorney could be the first step to acquiring necessary help instead of needlessly punitive legal consequence. Too many people suffering from mental illness do not have advocates in the legal system working for their best interests. Sometimes their public defenders are not familiar with how to mount a mental illness defense, or they are overwhelmed by the intricate and complex nature of mental illness in criminal defense litigation. Sometimes they remain undiagnosed even in the presence of obvious symptoms. Sometimes they don’t have anyone left still trying.

Hiring a professional criminal defense attorney could be difference that frees a loved one from the endless cycle of incarceration and re-offense. Without a professional criminal defense attorney, the likelihood of escaping this cycle is almost nil. There are mental health care facilities affiliated with the criminal justice system which are staffed by doctors and nurses rather than wardens and guards. Spending time in this sort of court-ordered residential mental health treatment facility vastly improves the prognosis of someone suffering from mental illness. Sometimes a criminal offense is the tipping point which convinces a mentally-ill person to pursue help.

Eugene Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here

Don’t let an illness turn into a tragedy. Get the help you need today to get the support you need tomorrow. Veralrud and Fowler can help.

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