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Eugene Criminal Defense Attorneys – What to do if You Were Served a Search Warrant

Are facing the possibility of being served a search warrant and don’t know how to respond? If you are having any legal issues that may result in being served a search warrant it’s time to hire a Eugene criminal defense lawyer. Having Eugene criminal lawyer throughout this process is vital to ensuring that your rights are not infringed upon. There are, however, steps that you can take to protect your rights, when served a search warrant.

When police are executing a search warrant they are required to announce their presence and inform you that they have a search warrant. Do not impede their search process or deny them access to the property they have been given the right to search. If you impede their investigation it will only hurt you. You will face possible criminal charges for attempting to prevent their ability to execute the search warrant.

Demand to see the warrant right away. Police are not required to show you the warrant unless you request it. Once you have asked for a warrant they must present it to you or risk legal consequences of their own. If they fail to present the warrant to you anything found in the search could be deemed inadmissible in court due to the fact that they failed to follow procedure.

Read the warrant and look for the premises that they are allowed access to. They are only allowed to search the areas granted in the warrant and nowhere else. It is also important to note the date and time that the police are allowed to execute the warrant. Make sure that they follow this and do not commence a search other than when stated in the warrant. Check to see the items they are searching for and the alleged offense they believe you have committed. Understanding the specifics of the warrant is vitally important.

When the police are searching the premises stated in the warrant know that you are not required to answer their questions. A search warrant does not grant them the right to interrogate you. You do not have to answer their questions or aid them in the search process.

If you have a phone, camera or video camera on hand take pictures and record the search process. This will give you a record of what the police have done and could be useful in the defense process should you be facing criminal charges. Photographs and video will provide proof if the police are failing to adhere to the search warrant. They may try to search areas that are not specified in the warrant. If you can prove this anything found in the search could be deemed inadmissible in court and unable to be used against you.

As soon as you are able notify your Eugene criminal defense lawyer that a search warrant has been issued and in the process of execution. Your Eugene lawyer may want to be there when the search is in progress in order to ensure that your rights are not infringed upon. Do this as soon as possible in order to give your lawyer a chance to arrive before the search is over.

At Veralrud and Fowler we are committed to defending the rights of our clients. We will be able to provide you with a Eugene criminal defense lawyer experienced in cases involving search warrants. As your attorneys we will fight to ensure that the police follow the search warrant to the letter.  Refuse to face this process alone and call Veralrud and Fowler today.

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