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 Eugene Oregon, Construction Accident Attorney FAQ

Were you injured while working your construction job? If so, it’s time to hire a Eugene accident attorney. Having qualified legal representation through the claims process can make all the difference in your case. At Veralrud and Fowler we will provide you with accident attorney in Eugene to ensure that you are fairly and justly compensated. With our years of experience handling construction accident claims we are often asked some of the same questions. Below we have sought to answer these frequently asked questions.

I was injured while working my construction job, what do I do?

The very first step you should take it to hire a Eugene accident attorney. It will be their job to ensure that you are fairly treated through the claims process. Your attorney will also play a crucial role in seeing that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury. We advise against trying to do this alone. It is likely that you will only receive a fraction of what you are owed; if anything at all, should you try to walk this road alone.

What is a Worker’s Compensation claim and what does it cover?

Worker’s Compensation is a form of insurance that protects workers who are injured on the job. However, if you accept Worker’s Compensation benefits you forfeit the right to sue your employer. You can expect to be recompensed for your full medical expenses, 2/3 of your weekly wages while injured, death benefits if applicable and disability benefits. Worker’s Compensation is designed to provide for the injured worker and protect the employer from lawsuits.

My Worker’s Compensation claim was denied, what should my next step be?

A rejection letter for your Worker’s Compensation claim is difficult to accept but it is not the final answer. After you receive your denial letter you have 60 days to appeal. Most appeals are settled upon before a hearing is required. Having a accident attorney in Eugene working your case is crucial to the Worker’s Compensation process.

My injuries were caused by my employer’s negligence. Is it possible to receive compensation other than Worker’s Compensation from my employer?

In most cases you are unable to sue your employer for negligence. It is most likely that your compensation will be limited to what is covered under Workman’s Compensation. If a third party was involved in your accident, such as another employee or business you may be able to file for a third party lawsuit. The third party would have to be responsible for contributing to the conditions that led to your injury in order for the lawsuit to be valid. When dealing with a third party lawsuit it is crucial that you have an accident attorney in Eugene working your case.

Construction accidents can be especially damaging and Workman’s Compensation claims only add to the frustration. At Veralrud and Fowler we are committed to seeing that you are justly compensated for all that you have suffered. We will provide you with a Eugene accident attorney to tirelessly defend you.  We will not rest until you are justly recompensed. Call Veralrud and Fowler today, and rest easy knowing that your claim is in qualified hands.

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