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Portland Injury Attorney Info

Portland Injury Attorneys

At Dawson Law Group we specialize in personal injury law. Our firm is located in Portland, and therefore, serves a different population than that of Veralrud and Fowler.  At our Portland firm we specialize in airline accident lawsuits, chemical spills and commercial truck (big rig) accidents. These types of accidents tend to take place in larger cities due to the larger population, abundance of airlines and traffic in and out of the city. If you need a Portland injury Attorney please visit our site. 

Airline Personal Injury Accidents

In Portland we have multiple airports both for private planes and public travel. The greater amount of air traffic creates more cases of personal injury lawsuits against airlines. We recommend to each of our clients in these lawsuits to allow us to handle the airlines insurance company. The insurance company of the airline has only the interest of the airline in mind. Their goal is to see that the airline pays the least amount possible in restitution to the victims of the accident if anything at all. These claims can be particularly difficult and complex and require the dedicated attention of the attorney you hire. While Veralrud and Fowler is more than capable of taking care of your needs if you love close to Eugene, we offer our services if  are closer to the Portland area. 

Chemical Spills

At Dawson Law Group we also specialize in chemical spill lawsuits. With the greater amount of traffic in the Portland area and the abundant supply of factories and businesses, Portland sees a larger number of chemical spill lawsuits. Semi-trucks transporting chemicals such as gasoline to gas stations are at greater risk of accident in the more plentiful traffic of big city Portland. Crashes are more likely to occur that result in chemical spills. 

Commercial Truck Accidents

Portland is the home of countless businesses that require their products and supplies to be shipped to them. Portland also has a larger number of residents. With greater numbers of residents and semi-trucks or commercial trucks on the road there are more chemical spill accidents that occur than that of a smaller city. Our attorneys at Dawson Law Group specialize in these types of personal injury lawsuits. Once again, a Eugene criminal defense attorney is more than capable of handling these types of cases.

At Dawson Law Group we have perfected the art of big city personal injury lawsuits. While we see many of the types of claims that smaller cities specialize in these are the types we see more commonly. We are dedicated to serving each of our clients and hold ourselves to standard of excellence that sets us apart from other Portland attorneys. For a personal injury claim in Portland, call Dawson Law Group.

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