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Eugene, Oregon Child Custody Lawyers

The Oregon divorce process can be straining financially, but for many parents, it is the child custody battle leads to the most emotional stress. Parents understand the need for a close, nurturing relationship with their children, and many parents can’t stand the thought of not being there for important life events- birthdays, holidays, first days of school, and missing out on watching their children grow up. One of the main issues that is settled in Oregon family court is which party will have legal custody of children and how much parenting and visitation time each parent will have with the kids.
eugene-oregon-child-custody-lawyer-97405-glenwoodIn the state of Oregon, parental custody rulings can end two ways. The first is joint custody, in which parents share decision making and custody responsibilities for a child. Joint custody does not mean that a child will live with each parent half of the time, nor does it remove a party’s child support responsibilities. A child can live exclusively with one of the parents and both parties can have joint custody in Oregon. Joint custody in Oregon cannot be awarded unless both parties agree to it.
In Oregon, if either parent does not wish for a joint custody arrangement, a judge must rule on which parent will have sole custody of a child. Oregon sole custody means that only one of the parties will be making all of the child’s major decisions, including the child’s education, health care, living arrangements, and religion.

When making a sole custody decision in Oregon, judges will take the following factors into consideration (based on ORS 107.137):
– The child’s emotional ties with other family members
– The parent’s interest in and attitudes toward the child
– The desirability of continuing an existing relationship
– Spousal abuse between the parents
– The preference for the primary caregiver of the child
– Each parent’s willingness to allow and facilitate a close and continuing relationship between the other parent and the child

In most cases, a child’s wishes as to which parent they want to live with has a lot of bearing in an Oregon sole custody decision. However, a judge does not have to rule in accordance with the child’ wishes. (Older children’s wishes have more bearing in Oregon than younger children.)
eugene-oregon-child-custody-lawyers-97404-river-roadThe initial sole custody order in Oregon will be vital in shaping your relationship with your child. It can only be amended later on if both parties agree to a different Oregon custody arrangement, or if one party can prove that a change in circumstances since the custody ruling has substantially decreased the other party’s ability to parent. Retaining the right Eugene, OR family law attorney is an important step to receiving the custody arrangement you are looking for.

Lindsay Fowler, the head Oregon family law attorney at Veralrud & Fowler is an accomplished trial lawyer, which is a huge advantage in any Oregon family law proceeding. Her years of success in Eugene family court is a huge advantage that she can bring you in initial custody discussions with the other party. Ms. Fowler has a good understanding of how Eugene, Oregon family court judges will rule on custody orders based on the factors of the family situation and divorce, and will be able to advise you on if the other party’s desires will be realistically enforced if the custody proceedings escalate to Oregon family court.

Should negotiations fall through, her years of experience as an Oregon family law trial attorney means that you will have excellent representation in family court, as well as an experienced and knowledgeable legal team to help with interviews, paperwork, and expert witnesses.
Call Veralrud & Fowler today for a confidential and free phone consultation if you need help with an Eugene, OR child custody issue. An experienced Eugene family law attorney can discuss your situation, someone can answer some of your questions, explore your options, and set some expectations for how your Oregon child custody may turn out.

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