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Eugene Family Court Attorney – Restraining Orders

Like many legal processes, restraining orders can be confusing to navigate. It is crucial to have a qualified family court lawyer in Eugene to guide you through the process and make sure you are protected. At Veralrud & Fowler we have the best family lawyers Eugene has to offer and have compiled key information regarding restraining orders in order to help you take that first step.

family-law-attorney-eugene-oregonA restraining order is defined as a court order that informs the person who has harmed you to cease all contact. Restraining orders hold the power to force the recipient to move from your home if shared and ban them from your place of employment. If you and the recipient of the restraining order have children together, the order can deal with temporary custody, parenting time, and even keep the recipient away from your children. This can include banning your abuser from the schools or day care providers that your children attend. The purpose of a restraining order is to protect you by legally ordering the end of all contact between you and your abuser. The right family court lawyers in Eugene can take the confusion and guess work out of the restraining order process. There are several different types of restraining orders and our divorce attorneys Eugene are ready to help you determine the one best suited for your case.

One of the most commonly used restraining orders falls under the Family Prevention Act (FAPA). This particular restraining order is used to keep married partners or those with sexual relationships separate. Should you be harmed by your sexual partner or spouse, this restraining order can protect you from them by legally ordering them to sever all contact with you. These orders can even force your partner from your shared home in the interest of protecting you and if applicable your children. Cases involving FAPA restraining orders can be especially difficult to navigate. At Veralrud & Fowler, our divorce lawyers in Eugene have years of experience successfully dealing with these complex cases.

eugene-oregon-divorce-lawyer-97401-downtown-eugeneAnother type of restraining order falls under the Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act. These types of restraining orders are designed to protect the elderly and disabled from those who may have abused them. This restraining order legally demands that the abuser cease contact with the victim. It is specifically for the elderly and disabled but holds very similar power as the other types of restraining orders. This order can ban the recipient from all contact with the victim, including banning them from the victim’s place of employment, home or school. At Veralrud & Fowler we can provide you with a Eugene divorce attorney experienced in cases involving these restraining orders. We will gladly take the guesswork out of this process for you. 

One other type of restraining order is a stalking order. If you are the victim of stalking, this order is the one most pertinent to your situation. The first step to this process would be the police issuing a stalking citation. Next, the circuit court will determine if a stalking order is needed for additional protection. The victim must be at the hearing or the case may be dismissed. If you are the victim of stalking it is possible for you to request to appear to the court over the phone or have an officer escort you to and from the courthouse.

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Navigating the legal process dealing with restraining orders can be frightening and full of confusion. At Veralrud & Fowler, our divorce attorneys in Eugene will gladly represent you. As your Eugene, OR divorce lawyers, we will provide you with the very best in legal counsel, guide you through the process, and explore every legal avenue to ensure your protection. Our divorce attorneys in Eugene hold the reputation of being experienced, effective and successful. Call Veralrud & Fowler today at 541-345-3333, and get the very best divorce lawyer Eugene has to offer.

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