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Eugene, Oregon Adoption Lawyer

The decision to adopt never comes quickly or easily. And, even after the decision is made, the adoption process itself can be fraught with legal language and paperwork, not to mention protracted periods of searching and waiting. Adoption might be one of the most important decisions you can make, perhaps even more profound in its implications than marriage. Going into a process like adoption without expert help is risky. That’s why, if you are even considering adoption, it is time to call an experienced adoption lawyer in Eugene, Oregon. Veralrud and Fowler have the family attorney experience you need when embarking on the long and circuitous adoption process.

Adoption Lawyer Eugene, Oregon

The state of Oregon is aggressive in placing children into adopted homes out of foster care. They have identified three sorts of children who are in especially deep need of adoptive parents. The first is sibling groups the state is attempt to place together. Often, throughout the tempestuous and sometimes traumatic foster care experience, siblings are are only reliable points of stability in and otherwise chaotic and unpredictable life. The State of Oregon does everything within its power to promote sibling groups being placed together.

Adopting Racial, Cultural, or Ethnic Minorities

The second group most in need of adoptive homes are children who are racial, cultural, or ethnic minorities. The unfortunate truth is these children often get left in the lurch while other children are placed in happy homes. Though a child might not look like you, they are still the same on the inside. They still are in need of loving, stable homes.

Children With Special Needs

Children with special physical, mental, developmental, or emotional needs are the last class of child especially in need of placement. Parenting these children can be difficult. Often, the baggage that they bring into the relationship takes specialized technical assistance to unpack. This does not mean that a potential adoptive family should avoid children with special physical, mental, developmental, or social needs. Quite the opposite. Many institutions in Oregon offer training and guidance when it comes to these particularly vulnerable children.

Who Can Adopt in Oregon?

Single people, married people, and domestic partners may adopt in Oregon. You can live in an apartment or a house, but you must have a room to house a child. It is permissible to work either inside or outside the home. A potential adoptive parent must be at least 21 years old. The adoptive parent or parents must also make enough income to support the family. It is important that any adoptive parents are physically able to care for the child. Of course, you must be able to pass a child abuse and criminal background check. Things that do not figure into the decision: race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Adoption Attorney Eugene, Oregon

One of the great things about being a Eugene, Oregon adoption lawyer is making brand new families out of perfect strangers. If you have made the decision to adopt, give Veralrud and Fowler a call. They would love to guide you forward through every step of the adoption journey.

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