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Eugene Divorce Attorney – Uncontested Divorce

Are you filing for divorce in Oregon? If so, it’s important that you have the most qualified divorce attorneys Eugene has to offer on your side. At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly provide you with a skilled attorney to represent you. The divorce process can be complicated and drawn out which is why it is so vital to have competent legal representation. The attorney you hire can make all the difference in your divorce proceedings. There are several ways in which a divorce can occur but the speediest, by far, is uncontested divorce.

In Oregon divorce is also known as dissolution of marriage. The party filing for divorce is referred to as the petitioner and the other spouse is the respondent. Oregon allows for a divorce to have co-petitioners where both spouses file together. In an uncontested divorce both spouses have agreed to the terms of their divorce. From the separation of assets to alimony they are have come to a mutual decision.

Uncontested divorce is also referred to as Summary Dissolution or Short Form Dissolution. In order for a couple to qualify for this form of divorce they must meet several criteria.

  • Married for 10 years or less
  • One or both parties has lived in Oregon for the last six months
  • The wife is not currently pregnant
  • There are no children either adopted or biological
  • There are no children at least 18 years of age and currently attending school
  • Neither spouse owns interest in real estate in Oregon or any other state
  • The parties own less than $30,000 in personal property, either combined or separate
  • Both spouses have agreed to not request alimony of the other
  • The division of assets is agreed upon by both parties
  • The debts, either separate or joint, of both parties is less than $15,000
  • There are no separation, annulment or divorce filings pending in other states for the marriage

As long as the marriage and spouses meet these requirements they qualify for an uncontested divorce. The divorce lawyers in Eugene you hire can help you determine whether or not you meet the criteria. In an uncontested divorce there is no need for court proceedings because the division of assets is already agreed upon. Mediation and trial can be avoided all together which allows the process for divorce to be so much speedier. Having the best divorce attorneys Eugene can provide is still highly recommended. Even an uncontested divorce can become complex.

Once the papers for the uncontested divorce have been properly filled out they will need to be filed and then processed. In the past Oregon had a mandatory waiting period of 90 days but it is no longer in effect. Now a couple could receive their divorce in a matter of days. Usually it will take up to a few weeks in order for the paperwork to be processed.

Hiring a Eugene Divorce Attorney

At Veralrud and Fowler we will gladly guide you through your divorce process. Even an uncontested divorce can be complicated without a divorce attorney in Eugene to aid you. With our years of experience successfully handling all types of divorce we are the most qualified divorce attorneys Eugene has to offer. Call Veralrud and Fowler today and gain an advocate in your divorce.

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